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Sometimes you think things will work on a radio show, but as I listen to this 2007 show I think I carried in the wrong music with me.
I remember in the 2nd half Engineer Ken and I looked at each other and knew...this maybe wasn't our kind of least so many in a row.
But I could be wrong.
I leave it up to you to decide whether I get a thumbs up or thumbs down.
In any case, hope you enjoy it and Happy Halloween again!
Here are both halves of the show from 2007.

On this eve of All Hallows Eve, I thought we would do our show on Vampires.
Now, you will hear some music different from what you might expect from me.
Not sure if that is a good thing!
I will open with a group from Boston, then one a little closer, Long Island, My Chemical Romance, who are of the opinion that Vampires Will Never Hurt You.
The studio was invaded by a half wolf/half wild boar that I named Lon- we had to change that name in the next episode.
And we are still after all these years wondering, WHAT’S HE BUILDING IN THERE?
Got the Arctic Monkeys, and a pretty funny song about a Vampire Club by Voltaire.
There is an unmistakable sexual component to vampires, and that living for eternity is a damn good selling point too!
So, as Lon licks and slobbers all over me, we’ll end this one with Annie Lennox, and Love Song To A Vampire.
More sucking to come.

Here is the link to WLSO.FM:


Moving on with more time spent with the Creatures Of The Night, and my own trapped-inside-with-me monster Lon, I will open this final episode with a couple of TV theme songs done by strange-named groups.
Both were very popular shows, and one was a spinoff of the other.
Still trying to find out WHAT’S HE BUILDING IN THERE?
I’ll talk a bit about old Vlad the Impaler, the model for Dracula in Transylvania. And more vampire lore.
Then some Music For Vampires (that’s what it is called), and another song named Vampires by the Umbrellas.
I’ll play one last Vampire tune that is hard to describe, but it does appeal to me. It is by a group that met here in New York called Marcy Playground, and New York plays a role in it.
I had more songs about Vampires, but it was apparent to Ken and I that maybe this really wasn’t our type of music, lol!
I don’t know what I was thinking when I was picking out these songs- but maybe it was hearing so many of them in a row that made me switch directions.
That, and Lon, now Loni, and the voices in my head were ganging up on me too, lol!
Changing on the proverbial dime, I had the flip side of an old 1950’s single, scratches and all, that was called The Monster.
A VERY interesting song, with very interesting lyrics, in which the aforementioned Monster is actually Rock & Roll.
Hey man, that was the general attitude at the time- this evil music was shaking up the country!
Check out that period’s obligatory saxophone in there.
I will close out this year’s party with The Slime- nothing to be afraid of, in fact it was a dance, lol!
Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

Here is the link to WLSO.FM:


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Comment by Mike Pell on November 4, 2010 at 2:20am
Dear RJ,
I appreciate the honesty.
Yeah, you come up with bummers sometimes, but for me the show got better when I switched gears and got back in my comfort zone.

you really should have played Creatures Of The Night by Kiss

Have you ever heard that old, really old song, Give Me A Little Kiss, LOL?
Thanks for the listen & comments,
Comment by Mike Pell on November 3, 2010 at 2:15pm
Dear RJ,
No kidding, you love Godsmack.
Hahahahaha, I am full of surprises!
And I won't change, other than grow old and cranky.
Wait...I am that now, lol!
I have about 28 minutes to work with on each half of the show, so I couldn't have fit Godsmack's VooDoo in without changing things around.
I wish I didn't have those damn time restraints!
I have a collection of CD's I occasionally dip into, Godsmack, My Chemical Romance, Arctic Monkeys, etc.- not my usual music, but I'll listen to anything and give it a chance.
Now Wolfmother I know nothing about.
But I sure am happy you liked that first half.
Uh...don't know that I'll be making you jump up at the start of Pt.2, lol!
I haven't read what you wrote about that yet.
But thanks for this,
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on November 2, 2010 at 4:36pm
Oh, and you really should have played Creatures Of The Night by Kiss, that may have made it your best show ever...LOL
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on November 2, 2010 at 4:36pm
Part 2 didn't really work for me.

I did like the Apocalyptica song. I just featured their new album on our New Music Corner feature.

That's okay, everybody duff's one occasionally (in my case, if we're talking golf, it's all the time).

Still looking forward to the next show.
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on November 2, 2010 at 3:26pm
Part One

I friggin' love the first two Godsmack albums. The song Vampires is from the second album (Awake). I think it's awesome that you played it. I was so happy I started to comment right then, but I patiently waited until the show was over. There is good current rock music out there. That's one reason I like your show so much Mike, although it's rooted in classic rock, you constantly step outside of that box with current rock, country, 50's rock, folk and so many different genres. Don't change, because although my favorite genre is classic rock, I like hearing you change it up occasionally.

Now, back to Godsmack. They have a great song off of their first album called VooDoo that would have fit perfectly on your recent Halloween show that had a section on voodoo. And I thought of it as I listened to the show, but said to myself, he won't even know who Godsmack is. That goes to show I should follow my instinct and say whatever comes to mind.

The My Chemical Romance song wasn't bad. I liked it in parts.

I thought The Arctic Monkeys sounded cool. They have a 70's sound, at least in that song. Reminds me of the current (but retro sounding) group Wolfmother. I wonder if all of their music sounds that way? I'll have to find out.

I like this show Mike. Good change of pace.

P.S. And...if Creatures Of The Night by Kiss is the first song on part two, I might just jump up and scream!

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