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So much for my preventing Rain with this series,
It has been raining or threatening to, virtually every day since I opened my mouth about it.
This is the next-to-last episode, and not because I am running out of Rain songs.
In fact, I have so many left over, I decided this would be a Kitchen Sink presentation.
I would just throw the Kitchen Sink at you with Rain songs as they came into my head.
Actually that's not much different than usual, lol!
I think most of these will be known to you, but maybe not.
One was banned by Radio Stations, one by a group that had begun in the early 60's and was trying to keep up with the times and dip into what was starting to be called Progressive Rock, another is one of my favorite Oldies from the 50's, one I really like was sent to me from Mother Hen Productions, and so on.
This first half of the show required less thought, as I had to work through a sadness- if Rain falls, so do Tears, and I don't mean that in some philosophical sense.
I was feeling the shock, the disbelief, the mourning over the loss of Pete Fornatale, the most creative DJ I have ever heard.
He couldn't REALLY have died, could he?
As I went along, I couldn't help wondering how he would have handled this Rain series...what he would have played?
And I was slowly getting out of the funk, and getting back to the pride I have both in the similarities and the differences Pete and I always had.
In the near future I will find a way to honor him on Rockollections.
Here's the link into the Kitchen on a Rainy Morning, at WLSO.FM:


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Comment by Mike Mills on May 11, 2012 at 2:10pm

If you want Eddie Rabbit RJ, What about "I Love A Rainy Night"! Now, that has rain in the title!

Comment by RJhog (Admin) on May 11, 2012 at 11:56am

Not a bad show at all my brother in rock. 


I love the CCR tune.  That is just a great song and Fogerty's vocal is so good on it.


I also really liked Tell It To The Rain by The Four Seasons.  It almost got the Golden Pell.  However, I'll have to say that honor goes to:


Glen Yarbrough and the song Baby, The Rain Must Fall.  Hopefully, I got his name right and the song title right.  Beautiful.


Hey, I thought of a song that doesn't have rain anywhere in the title but seems to me like it would fit, and that is Driving My Life Away by Eddie Rabbit.  Do you remember that one?  "Windshield wipers, tapping out a tempo/keeping perfect rhythm with the song on the radioooooo". 


I'll try to finish it up this afternoon.

Comment by Jon on May 10, 2012 at 6:49pm

This was pretty darn good. The one song I liked was the one from Mother something....I can't remember her name, can't remember the artist, can't remember the name of the song.  But it was really, really good. At first I thought you said it came from the 50's, then listened again and thought it was from the 60's and then listened AGAIN and finally heard it was from 2000. Unless, of course, I misheard (work does that to you, even listening three times!)

Would have been that much better with, say, a Kansas song. I think they did something with the word "rain" in the title, but not sure. 

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