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Who? Wishbone Ash

Again? Yep!

When? 1973

Album title? Wishbone Four review? Yep!

The progressive aspirations were put aside for Wishbone Four, the group's most solid-rocking album, though the folk-based element is still there, more solid than ever. "Ballad of the Beacon" is a genuinely beautiful song, and might have come from any number of electric folk-rock bands -- the fact that it came from Wishbone Ash indicates just how serious they were in wanting to explore some of these sounds. Their most mature and successful album.

Wishbone Four

1. So Many Things To Say
2. Ballad Of The Beacon
3. No Easy Road
4. Everybody Needs A Friend
5. Doctor
6. Sorrel
7. Sing Out The Song
8. Rock 'N Roll Widow

Availability: A few options are available, one of them the Culture Factory version for around $17. Of course you can still get that box set........

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This looks fantastic!  How close to posting the entire WA catalog are you on this forum?


I always appreciate the risk takers and following up Argus with this had to have been a calculated risk for the band.  Its a different direction...  Side Two is better than Side One in my estimation and Sorrel is simply fantastic, its easily the RED track here.

I liked it but not Argus-liked it.  


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