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Who says Rockollections has no class...besides me, lol?
I will take us into some Poetry this time.
And I am talking Big-Time Poets!
In that Poetic spirit, we will be spending most of out time together with a Two-Letter Word- one that I am sure has been used countless times since the muslim terrorist attacks on Sept. 11th 2011.
The new building at the World Trade Center site was the inspiration for the last song in this chapter- it will be bigger than the Twin Towers were, and the song I have chosen is simply an inspirational winner.
Watching the 9/11 10th Anniversary Commemorations this past weekend, I saw people here crying.
Elsewhere in the world, there was the celebrating of our sadness and the wounds inflicted by the killing and maiming of random, innocent people who were only guilty of going to work on a Tuesday morning.
That doesn't help me find the Peace I am looking for here.
In fact, quite the opposite!
But I am trying, and maybe these collected tunes will help somebody.
Next week, an uplifting look at adversity. 
That's one aspect I think I have a handle on! 
And then there's this, brought to my attention by my man Neil Cavuto- this gives me hope, guess that is in my DNA too!
Neil Cavuto: Greatest Generation Is Not Gone

I know it's very easy to get jaded these days.
Maybe even bummed out about humanity and our very future on this planet these days.
And maybe, right now, 10 years out after 9/11, a sense of what we were…we no longer are these days.
Greatness recalled. Then recoiled.
Then something like "this" happens…
A crowd rushing to vehicles on flames in Utah.
But then they discover there's a guy trapped beneath those flames.
A motorcyclist wedged under a car now burning out of control.
They could have called 9-1-1, but they didn't.
They take matters into their own hands…and lift the car and pull the unconscious cyclist to safety.
We're told the cyclist, 21-year-old Brandon Wright, is in stable condition and expected to recover.
The local police chief Jeff Curtis credits the crowd of ‘Good Samaritans’ for that.
He called them heroes.
The one or two I saw quoted simply said they were doing what anyone would do.
Maybe so.
But here's what's definitely so…
There's still a lot of good in a lot of us.
And maybe after seeing so much sadness at ground zero these past few days…I had forgotten that…
…the timelessness of the simple decency in all of us.
Ordinary people who responded to a crisis in an extraordinary way.
Like these people in Utah.
Proof…that while the greatest generation is going...
They're not gone.
Take a look at these folks.
Look familiar? They're the greatest generation's kids, and grand-kids.
Their DNA.
Our DNA.
Life is still good.
We're still good.

Here's a link to see what he wrote about.
And here's the link to hear my Poetic offerings, at WLSO.FM:

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Comment by Mike Pell on September 17, 2011 at 2:49am
Well I know you can't hit a home run every at bat, and interesting is another thing I aim for so success with that.
Psalm Of Life I just flat-out love.
Elvis had a tremendous voice, I remember my Mom saying that all the time- that dude could sing!
When I was getting very serious about music, I went back to hear the old things Elvis did for Sun Records when he was starting out.
In my opinion, that was the best stuff he ever did!
If by Joni Mitchell was your favorite?
Very interesting bro, as that was new to me, and was responsible for my thinking of the whole set.
The lyrics are outstanding on the John McCutcheon song, that's what keeps me coming back- some goosebump moments in there, for me at least.
Now how many of those recordings had you heard before?
Maybe Elvis?
Then I am doing my job, lol!
I too immediately thought of the song "If" by Bread.
And just as quickly nixed it because it wouldn't have fit here. 
"IF" you haven't heard it in ages, I did a show on Bread, it's in here, lol!
Here are the links to the two halves:
Gotta love your honesty, and I will be sending more songs, thanks as always,
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on September 16, 2011 at 11:23am


I'll have to admit, I liked the previous 2 shows better, but this show had some interesting things as well.


The Psalm Of Life is a very beautifully sung a capella tune.  Very nice.


I liked the Tony Bennett song, but the Elvis song just rules.  He really had a great voice.  Although "Are You Lonesome Tonight" is probably my favorite Elvis tune overall, I like his late 60's and early 70's work better as a whole. 


The song If by Joni Mitchell is really my favorite song in this set other than the Elvis song.  She sounds great on it.


And although I can't say that I'm crazy about the vocals on the John McCutcheon song We Shall Rise, I really thought the lyrics were outstanding.


And I have to say that with all of the "If" songs, I immediately thought of the song "If" by Bread.  I'm sure you know which song I'm referring to.  I haven't heard it in ages and I don't think it would fit here, but it did come to mind.


Good show overall brother!

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