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Being your average guy with important things on my mind like the Baseball season winding down, Football starting up, and Hockey on the horizon, those big deal Fall Fashion Shows always come and go...THEN I find out about them.
Is is too much to ask that they be held in the FALL so I might at least think of them in time, LOL?
For years now, I have had plans to do a Series of shows on the Theme of Fashion- not that I know anything about Fashion, but I do know songs.
But again this year those Fashionista happenings came and went without my awareness, so late or not, I will forge ahead.
However, I will limit myself to a couple of shows on just one aspect of apparel...Shoes.
As you will hear me say, I fully expect and accept that I will say something politically incorrect or what may be considered sexist.
But it will go for both genders, as I have already taken a poke at my own maleness in that opening sentence.
It is certainly no secret that Shoes mean more to Women than they do to most Men.
Women seemingly can't own enough pairs of them!
But in picking out Music for two weeks of shows with more Shoe songs than I can Shoehorn in, I have discovered that Men sing about them more- a rather surprising discovery!
I invite you to join me in my musical look at Shoes In Song.
One size definitely does NOT fit all, lol!
Kick your Shoes off and...oh wait...don't, are the links to get to Mike Pell Rockollections:
At Podomatic with the fun full-screen effect
And at Soundcloud


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Comment by RJhog (Admin) on September 26, 2012 at 11:05am

Blue Suede Shoes is very recognizable and a great way to start the show.  There is a song with the same title by Winger that is a military themed song from their album IV that would be great as well.  As a matter of fact, I believe I have sent you that one in the past.

Those Shoes is probably my favorite Eagles tune that isn't titled Hotel California.  Everything about that song is so cool, from the guitar work to the lyric "they give you tablets of love".  This is my favorite song from this show, but there are two others that competed for the Golden Pell.

The first was These Shoes by the Everly Brothers.  That's a nice little tune with some great vocals.  But I have to give it to my girl Kirstie McCall (she's not really my girl, as a matter of fact, I don't even know her) for the song In These Shoes.  You said it was Celtic Latin, but I got a Latin James Bond vibe from it.  I'm sure there has been at least one 007 movie based in Latin America, right?  Oh well, if you don't know, Jon surely will.

Good show bro.

Comment by Jon on September 25, 2012 at 5:00pm

Seriously? You expected me to figure out this theme? This "fashion" theme? Really? Me? The guy that still wears a thing he bought back in the early 80's?

When you said "shoes" I kinda figured you would be playing that Eagles song. Then I waited for "New Shoes" from Busboys and then something from Nu Shooz but I was completely letdown. Why did you do that to me?

That one singer sounded like Deborah Harry. Thought it was her until you said it wasn't. So, another thought and dream ruined. BOC! YES!

And I agree..high heels do make my butt look splendid. Thank you!

And the Golden Smell goes to my feet. I don't wear socks and my feet sweat. A lot.

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