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After a Rockabilly start to this Angel chapter, I've got a cover of an oldie to play you may have never heard, by John Lennon from a posthumous album released in the 80's.
I had to play a Beatle at some point, lol!
Then it's the Tale Of Two Movies!
I visited Angel in Pennsylvania a number of times before she became ill.
On one of those trips, I brought with me a movie I thought she would like- City Of Angels.
It had nothing to do with her name, it was just that after going together for a long time, I kind of knew what she might like (I wasn't always correct, lol!).
She flipped over the movie, bought the DVD and watched it many times.
However, I knew it was based on a German movie, directed by Wim Wenders, called Wings Of Desire, but I hadn't seen it at that time.
Well, to me now that I have, there is no comparison.
The Wenders film is in black & white, is much darker in mood, and has subtitles except when Peter Falk is speaking.
It is far superior- although that's just my opinion.
So, I will have scenes from both movies, including my favorite scene from the better one- of course it is with Peter Falk and in English.
What he says about living as a human is so simple and beautiful- just a wonderful moment captured on film.
I do want to
thank a dear friend, Denise Decker, for making me listen closer to a beautiful song from the City Of Angels soundtrack I might have overlooked.
Here are the links to Angel Music and Movies, at Mike Pell Rockollections:
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Comment by Mike Pell on March 10, 2013 at 1:33pm
As I said in the show, I have always loved Rockabilly.
So many guys like Rick Nelson, Elvis, Orbison, Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis...oh DO like it, LOL!
Of course I had to work a Beatle or a Beatles connection in there!
I haven't forgotten Undercover Angel, I think I have just the right set for it.
That Sarah MacLachlan song is truly beautiful.
No, I don't remember that it was used on a commercial for an animal shelter.
I skip commercials whenever possible.
So your wife loves City Of Angels too, just like Angel.
Well you know what I mean then, when you know somebody well you can pick things out.
It's such a shame people do not like black and white movies, it eliminates so many Classics- Casablanca, Citizen Caine, Hitchcock, the Marx Brothers, hundreds of them!
That doesn't make a difference at all to me.
And some great movies I have watched with subtitles.
I am pretty sure you would like Wings Of Desire better- haven't given it much thought but it might be a better fit for men.
It certainly is a unique movie, and DEFINITELY NOT a chick-flick!
And the Golden Pell goes to Stay (Faraway So Close) by U2.
The first one I played because it is on the City Of Angels soundtrack.
That one because of the lyrics, and it is such an obvious video tribute to Wim Wenders' Wings Of Desire.
And remember, I HATE videos, lol!
Excellent choice for the GP!
I didn't think it was that laid back, but that's why I started with the Rockabilly just to have some rockers in there.
Oh, I am taking a detour from Angels for a couple of weeks for some real fun you will hear soon, the creative juices got flowing and I had to change topics.
Thanks for the listen and writing, now get back Under The Covers, lol,
Comment by Mike Pell on March 10, 2013 at 1:01pm
Sorry I am late responding guys, seems like I have been working and playing too much.
It was Rosie Flores not Rosie Perez- if I banged Perez I'd have to tape her mouth.
She sounds like a car alarm to me, lol!
Screechy? Like a fingernail on a chalkboard!
I knew I would be going mellow with the movies, so I thought I'd get some rockers in there at the start of the chapter.
Funniest line of yours:

I liked that Sarah MacLachlan song, but it reminded me of kittens and puppied for some reason. Then I started to cry and had to send some money out.

At least you saw Wings Of Desire, that makes 3 or 4 of us I know of, lol!
Yeah, what the hell did Meg Ryan do to herself?
She used to be a doll!
I hadn't intended to play two U2 songs in a row (actually Falk, not a song, was between), but I have no rules and it seemed right to me.
So I did it.
That speeding up my voice was just me having some fun as I knew I had run long in the first half of the show.
Thanks for the listen and writing, and actually liking it, lol,
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on March 8, 2013 at 2:11pm

Those first two songs are okay.  I'm not really into rockabilly or anything that ends in billy.  But they weren't bad.  Even the Lennon song wasn't bad.  Of course you had to work a Beatles connection in there.  Just think, you could have used that spot for Undercover Angel.  

City Of Angels is a movie that my wife loves.  That Sarah M. song reminds Jon of kittens and puppies because it was used on a commercial for an animal shelter.  Don't you guys remember that.  It's quite a beautiful song.  

Never heard of Wings Of Desire.  I will tell my wife about the connection to the movie she loves, but like you said Mike, when you know somebody, you know what they will and won't like.  She unequivocally will not like Wings Of Desire.  How can I know this when neither of us have seen it?  Because she does not like black and white movies or movies with subtitles.  But I bet I'd like Wings Of Desire better.  Love the clip.

That first U2 song was enjoyable.  But that second one is a Golden Pell winner.  Never heard it.  I really like how Edge plays lead right up underneath Bono's vocals.

I agree with Jon, this was quite laid back.

Undercover Angel, Undercover Angel, Undercover Angel, Undercover Angel, Undercover Angel

Comment by Jon on March 7, 2013 at 5:00pm

Interesting. I did not know Rosie Perez did music. Her voice is different that what I would expect. Thought it would be screechy, but it's not! How about that??

I liked that Sarah MacLachlan song, but it reminded me of kittens and puppied for some reason. Then I started to cry and had to send some money out.

I saw "Wings Of Desire" years ago, but don't remember much except for Peter Falk. The remake? Nope. At least Meg didn't have puffy lips back then.

2 U2 songs in a row? What??? ended that show really quick! Your voice sped up big time!

Mellow listen. I liked this.

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