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The Muse steered me a little Folkie at the beginning, and I wanted to play the two Best Songs I have ever heard about Old People.
And then I went on about the joys and adventures we used to have playing the Flip Side of Singles.
This was a nice diversion show for me, just playing songs I've always liked for no other reason than that I've always liked them.
But even here, my mind seems to make Musical Connections on its own.
Honestly, I think Themes are what I do best!
So I will continue to do Themes, and periodically return to Playing Favorites, even Guilty Ones.
Again you are invited over to hear some Tunes, my house is your house- and while you're up, could you get me a coffee (half & half with one sugar), lol?
Here are the links to a hard habit to break, at Mike Pell Rockollections:
At Podomatic:
At Spreaker:

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Comment by Mike Pell on May 31, 2014 at 2:54pm
Nice call on Don McLean.
Do get that album, besides American Pie there are many beauts on it- and the even better album previous called Tapestry.
I considered Old Man by Neil Young, but those two just go together so nicely by themselves.
The Dutchman and Hello In There just flow together, like you say it's almost like a continuation.
I wonder if I flipped them how that would sound?
Don't think I ever have, The Dutchman first, and then Hello In There.
I wasn't sure how California Dreaming by Jose Feliciano would go over, but I thought of it, found it and popped it on.
It doesn't compare to the superior Mamas and the Papas version, but part of the fun in the 60's was hearing cover versions of songs that weren't even old yet.
But each artist or group would put their own stamp on it!
Funny, I had forgotten the part done in Spanish near the end, and it surprised me- not sure how I feel about it.
By then it was too late, it was IN the show, lol!
I thought I'd throw in the real beginning of that The Moody Blues song, it wasn't long and I thought it was cool.
Damn but that Moonglows song is good- I hadn't even heard it growing up with the Oldies we'd hear at parties- before CBS-FM played it I never knew it existed, took me a while to track it down.
See though, even just playing Favorites, my mind automatically makes those Musical Connections!
The Old People, See Saws- seems I can't play music any other way, lol!
And the Golden Pell awarded to...John Prine for Hello In There!
Excellent choice!
That one always touches me, and makes me think of my old girlfriend Loretta!
Anything you heard in the 2 know!
That's right, hearing new "old music" makes it NEW!
Oh Podomatic was down it seems, took hours for it to come back- wonder how many people gave up and never listened?- and Spreaker doesn't seem to have the same sound fidelity.
Thanks for listening and writing,
Comment by Mike Pell on May 31, 2014 at 2:18pm
A unique moment in Radio History- the host telling the listeners they are unimportant to the show!
But I said it with a chuckle...and that's the way I roll, LOL!
The next two songs I played were unrelated to that.
Don McLean important, Goodman & Prine important, Moody Blues important, etc.
You cutting the grass or scratching that scab off your leg or listeners, unimportant, LOL!
Thanks for listening, taking notes, writing, and good day to you sir, lol,
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on May 29, 2014 at 9:42am

By the way, podomatic seems to be down, so I had to listen on spreaker.  Which is why the comment wasn't copied to podomatic.

Comment by RJhog (Admin) on May 29, 2014 at 9:41am

Hey Mike.

I thought that first song sounded like Don McLean.  And it was.  And it's a very cool song.  I guess I should get that album.  I believe we may have had this discussion before concerning McLean.

Out of the two old people songs, I thought the second one was best.  Hello In There by John Prine was just beautiful.  It almost sounded like a continuation of the first song, like the first one didn't end.  My favorite old person song would have to be Old Man by Neil Young.

Superb version of California Dreaming by Jose Feliciano.  Although nothing beats the popular version by the Mamas and the Papas (mainly because of the harmonies), this one is very good.  I love the part done in Spanish near the end, and I'm not a fan of foreign language songs.  

The Tokens were okay, The Moody Blues I've heard before (the second part, not the first part), but I really dig the song by The Moon Glows (See Saw).  Just really cool.

Well, the Golden Pell will now be awarded to.............John Prine for Hello In There.  

Good subject Mike.  I can always count on hearing new "old music" from you buddy.

Comment by Jon on May 29, 2014 at 7:43am

We're unimportant to the show? I'm unimportant to the show? Funny how you said that and then the next songs you played were about old people so I still believe your mind is slowing slipping away. However, that's unimportant to me. Fly away, little birdie. Fly away.

That first song I haven't heard before, but then the voice sounded familiar and I knew who it was. Isn't that cool? Well, not to you. It's unimportant. 

Why would John and Linda want to live in Omaha? It's unimportant.

What happened with the rest of the show? Don't know. It's unimportant. 

Moody Blues? Unimportant.

B-side? Unimportant (that's why they're b-sides).

Me cutting the grass today? Important. Me telling you? Unimportant.

Me scratching that scab off my leg? Unimportant. Me typing with bloody fingers? Important, just because I said so.

I have nothing more unimportant to say.

Good day, sir.

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