Classic Rock Bottom

Day 13.
Dear Diary,

     DING DI... Déjà Vu. The history repeats itself, with Jon guessing the band, but not the album correctly, leaving the door open for Scott, who falls for the red herring and pulls the hat out of the rabbit. Yes, ELO was the correct answer, but Secret Messages was the album in question. Boxcar Willy? Who the f**k is, Boxcar Willy? Sounds like a pit stop mechanic. This changes little to none on the board where...
Jon's Dedication pays off to 1650 pts
Scott is still stuck in the middle between Cherry and Red with his 1400 pts, while
Everyone Else is a Loser Gone Wild with 0 pts

     Global News... You might have heard of Craig Hamilton-Parker, a psychic from Southampton, U.K., no? Yeah, he was the one to predict Trump's victory before the elections. Personally, I don't get the big deal, since 45.9% of those who voted put their fate in Trump, too. You can't say they were all clueless. But this guy gets all the fame? Whatever! Of course, this also means all the eyes are on him and here are some of his most intriguing predictions for 2018:
Environmental predictions:

  • Mount Vesuvius in Italy will erupt and Naples will be evacuated.
  • There will be an increase in seismic activity - including places that have been tremor free for 1,000 years - with one very serious earthquake in New Zealand.

World conflict predictions:

  • Kim Jong-un will be deposed by his own people and he will go missing, with some claiming he is living a secret new life in China.
  • A massive Bitcoin fraud will be uncovered and thwarted that funds terrorism and war. A well-known American company will be involved in the scandal.

Economic predictions:

  • The Euro will plummet towards the end of 2018 and into 2019. There will be riots as the steep economic decline takes hold.
  • Denmark and Italy will pull out of the EU as the Euro crashes.

USA predictions:

  • An attempt to impeach Donald Trump in mid 2018 will fail and he will become more popular as a result.
  • The Mexico border wall will not be built. It will instead consist of drones and sensors.
  • The US will lose trade in the East as China and Russia form a military and economic alliance in response to the North Korean crisis and US protectionism.
  • Melania Trump and her husband's grandchildren will release a song to help raise funds for charity.

UK predictions:

  • Many high-tech companies will more to Britain. Britain will lead the world in innovation and a new form of energy production will be discovered in 2018.
  • Prince Harry will announce his engagement.

     Island News... I haven't seen the future, but I have pretty good observation and deduction skills. Plus, I too was confident Trump is going to win the elections, so why not make my own predictions public? Without further ado:
Environmental prediction:

  • Bad things will continue to happen to the Island in a true Cockroach-theory fashion.

Economic prediction:

  • The value of the gold will rise by 38.93%, with Special interest given to smaller units.

USA prediction:

  • Melania Trump and her husband's grandchildren will NOT release the song to help raise funds for charity, because the authors of the song, (Judas Priest) will sell the composition to a anonymous bidder. The saxophone enhanced overnight hit sensation performed by The Clean Tones, will come under suspicion.

UK prediction:

  • The new album by Judas Priest will receive positive reviews and bring them back to their glory days, but it is a cover version of one of their new songs that will sell the most copies, performed by Céline Dion.

Classic Rock Bottom predictions:

  • The forum is going to get one new member, who won't ever post or otherwise contribute to the site.
  • Each and EVERY single member of the forum will have a birthday. Some sooner, others later.
  • RJhog will order the new Judas Priest CD through and drive six hours to the pickup point location, so he can give it a "good listen" on his way back.
  • Jon is going to put up the new Judast Priest album in NMC. Intentionally, he will post the Céline Dion's version of the song. However, he will quickly change it back to the original, when Scott starts to complain that the guitars aren't very strong on Track #2.
  • Scott will join the US protectionism cult and thus he will only buy, promote and praise artist or albums made in U.S.A, because no one else in the world knows how to write a good song.
  • Mike Pell will make a series of podcasts themed around music that contains angelic messages, played sideways.
  • Yngve is going to stop posting LTTPs, due to lack of interest. He will try to get his money back from Podsnack, without much luck. The whole ordeal will leave him nerve-wrecked, but eventually he will find solace in writing comic books and release a CD titled: "Made In U.S.A. of America: Based On Real Scandals" to potentially maximize the market for his product.

There you have it. Let's see whose predictions are more accurate. Until then... Let (here and) there be... Music!

click on the cover to hear the samples
from "Secret Messages" CD ℗ 1983/2001

I can't remember the first time I heard a song from ELO, but I can remember the first time I saw them on one of those posters, from a teen magazine. (Bravo) It was the second half of the 70s and these guys looked old. Especially in the suit with cellos, huge sideburns and whatnot. Based on what I saw, I decided I'm not going to like them. Years went by and I found myself more and more attracted to their music. I could barely denounce them when Time came out and then I finally gave in when Secret Messages hit the streets. Ironically, it was the last album that made a splash on the charts, like if they run out of steam, trying to win me over. While ELO was never the same, Jeff Lynne got some well deserved recognition in the years to follow, with his solo work and production skills in late 80s and early 90's. It's interesting that originally, the album was suppose to be a double vinyl, but they made a great decision to lean it down to a very strong one album release. I think lots of artists should follow their example, rather than giving us more for the money, with bunch of fillers and tedious listening experiences.

2.LITA FORD - Stiletto

3. LITA FORD - Hungry
4. LITA FORD - Dedication
5. LITA FORD - The Ripper
6. LITA FORD - Cherry Red
from "Stiletto" CD ℗ 1990

Lita Ford has few songs on each of her releases that I like, but Stiletto is still the only one I listen to from start to finish.

7. ARS NOVA - Kali
8. ARS NOVA - Fury
9. ARS NOVA - Morgan
from "The Goddess Of Darkness" CD ℗ 1996

In case I have to refresh your memories (and judging by the lack of correct answers, I do) here is a picture/reminder of the band. (Scott's gonna like this). In the time when I would still phone in the specialized stores to place my orders, I would often ask the owners to make recommendations for me, based on my preferences. I told them, I like Instrumental music, plus the Bombastic side of the Prog-Rock sound. Without any hesitation one of them suggested Ars Nova. When I asked him, where should I start in their discography, he offered me a good deal for buying the GOD album. I have to say, he knew exactly what I was looking for. Later I bought their entire catalog. Goddess Of Darkness has this creepy horror feel to it, that further boosts my admiration for the furious keyboard domination. The all female trio on this release is their classic line-up: - Keiko (keyboards), Kyoko (bass), and Akiko (drums).

INDEX (To keep track of things. Also, the clues for the next weeks selection are here. Do you know; What's Coming To You?)

500 pt
300 pt - 1979 - STYX - Cornerstone
800 pt 1981 - ZZ TOP - El Loco
200 pt - 1983 - ELO - Secret Messages
600 pt - 1984 - HOBO BLUES BAND - A Vadaszat
1000pt 1985 - DIRE STRAITS - Brothers In Arms
100 pt
400 pt - 1988 - STATUS QUO - Ain't Complaining

300 pt - 1973 - NAZARETH - Razamanaz
100 pt - 1975 - BIJELO DUGME - Sta Bi Dao Da Si Na Mom Mjestu
500 pt - 1981 - RAINBOW - Difficult To Cure
800 pt
600 pt (There is a thin line between fully charged clouds, guitar and a hand from a sand)
200 pt - 1983 -  KISS - Lick It Up
1000pt 1983 - NIGHTWING - Stand Up And Be Counted
400 pt

200 pt
600 pt 1983 - PRISM - Beat Street 
300 pt - 1987 - TRIUMPH - Surveillance
800 pt
100 pt - 1987 - ANDY TAYLOR - Thunder
500 pt - 1988 - DOMINOE - Keep In Touch
400 pt (If you really want to figure out this one, think Southeast Asia)

400 pt - 1984 - VAN HALEN - 1984
100 pt - 1984 - BON JOVI - Bon Jovi 
800 pt - 1984 - SCORPIONS - Love At First Sting
200 pt (So, you named your private part. Yes, it's blunt. Please, don't repeat it. We heard you the first time. And no. The numbers doesn't implicate the size, but the age)
300 pt
1000pt - 1988 - EDDA - Valtozo Idok
500 pt - 1992 - DAMN YANKEES - Don't Tread
600 pt

300 pt - 1980 - JUDAS PRIEST - British Steel
400 pt
800 pt
200 pt - 1981 - GIRLSCHOOL - Hit & Run
500 pt - 1981 - SAXON - Denim & Leather
600 pt - 1981 - GORDI - Pakleni Trio
100 pt - 1982 - IRON MAIDEN - Number Of The Beast

300 pt
800 pt - 1983 - DIO - Holy Diver
100 pt - 1985 - REVESZ SANDOR - Revesz Sandor 
600 pt - 1990 - KEN TAMPLIN & FRIENDS - An Axe To Grind
500 pt - 1993 - DORO - Angels Never Die
400 pt - 1993 - VINCE NEIL - Exposed
200 pt - 1994 - BRUCE DICKINSON - Balls To Picasso

100 pt
300 pt
400 pt - 1987 - GARY MOORE - Wild Frontier
800 pt - 1989 - JON BUTCHER - Pictures From The Front
200 pt - 1990 - LITA FORD - Stiletto
600 pt - 1992 - JOHN NORUM - Face The Truth
1000pt - 1992 - MARTY FRIEDMAN - Scenes
500 pt - 1994 - YNGWIE MALMSTEEN - The Seventh Sign

500 pt
600 pt - 1991 - MARK WOOD - Voodoo Violince
800 pt - 1996 - ARS NOVA - Goddess Of Darkness

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Of course not, I think it's hilarious!

You should have added that the Theme will go on for 12 weeks, lol!

Nice writing!




Actually I DID Angels years ago, and it went on for about 5 weeks, lol!


Yes, but this time you are going to look for the opposite of hidden satanic messages when the record is played backwards. While experimenting, you'll find the angelic messages when you play the records... sideways.

My foresight will save you time and money and yes, you will go on for 12 weeks, because the voices in your head will tell you to do so. Of course, you'll claim that God is talking to you, or perhaps the show is sponsored by Concerned Mothers Coalition For Heavy Metal Children (aka CMC4HMC)... but. Oops! I think I already told you too much.

OH NO!!!

I will be the NEW Charles Manson, LOL!

Thought this was going to be a short one, but 2 out of those last three tracks dragged this down. They were fine, but way too long.

Couldn't care more about Lita Ford. Just very generic. 

ELO is fine. I believe it's been over an hour for this whole playlist and the last song still isn't over.......

Barney & Friends

Annette Funicello

Mary Poppins soundtrack

Wait, are you complaining because the tracks are too long?

That's rich, coming from a Steven Wilson groupie. 

In this equation only one party is guilty of pussyfooting. And it ain't the ladies.

"Steven Wilson groupie"? How so?


Does the repercussions that befall upon me for taking his name in vain, ring any bells?


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