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Artist: Cinderella

Genre: Rock

Country Of Origin: United States

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Member: No

Album: Long Cold Winter

Released: May 21, 1988

Producer: Andy Johns/Tom Keifer/Eric Brittingham

Singles: Gypsy Road/Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)/The Last Mile/Coming Home

Song Of The Week: The Last Mile

RIAA Certification: Triple Platinum

Album Cover: 8/10


This week I offer you another 80's band.  Your Album Of The Week is the sophomore effort from Cinderella.  Long Cold Winter was the follow-up to the very successful debut.  It reached a very, very respectful #10 on the Billboard chart  while selling in excess of 3 million copies.  The album featured 4 singles that charted.


Facts (by Wikipedia) and Observations (by RJhog):


1. Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone) became the highest charting U.S. single for Cinderella, reaching #12 (fact).

2. Jeff Labar played lead guitar on Fallin' Apart At The Seams and Coming Home (fact).

3.  Although I like the debut a little better overall, this album seems to be more blues oriented and even a little heavier than the debut, which was definitely glam rock (observation). 

4. Although the cover is sparse, I kind of like it (observation).

5. Tom Keifer wrote all of the songs with the exception of If You Don't Like It, which was co-written by Eric Brittingham (fact).

6. Cozy Powell is credited with additional drum work (fact).


So,  Wikipedia lists Cinderella as an American Heavy Metal band.  What do you think?  Are they metal?


1. Bad Seamstress Blues/Fallin' Apart At The Seams

2. Gypsy Road

3. Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)

4. The Last Mile

5. Second Wind

6. Long Cold Winter

7. If You Don't Like It

8. Coming Home

9. Fire And Ice

10. Take Me Back

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I really liked this album when I first bought it. I don't get to listen to the radio as much as I used to with my new job (sad) but I like and miss hearing songs like Gypsy Road and Don't Know What You Got. I really like Heartbreak Station also. Good band!

Not heavy metal.

I also liked the debut a tad more than this one, but this one is a little more diverse, and still pretty decent. It does contain my all time favorite Cinderella song, "If You Don't Like It". Some nice rockin' riffage on this tune!

Other good tracks for me include "Gypsy Road", "Dont Know What You Got", and I actually really like "The Last Mile", and "Coming Home".

Speaking of drummers and this album...I seem to remember how Fred Coury was upset with the band for using drum machines on some of their studio recordings. Don't recall which album (or albums), but it does seem strange he was the band's drummer on tour, but yet, in the studio, they use a machine? Anyone recall any of this drama?

Nothing on Wikipedia about Coury and drum machines.  It does say that he joined the band after the debut was recorded, but in time to be on the album cover and tour.

I actually bought this a few weeks ago since Rjhog took his sweet time posting it. It was cheap.

I still have it on vinyl and didn't like it but something drove me to get it. Oh yeah, it was cheap. Anyway, the album cover is covered in fingerprint dust which wouldn't come off. So it sits in a pile with other albums and it's kinda off-white. With black smudges.

With THAT said....I actually liked it. Not heavy metal, let's call it blutal since it's blues metal. Plus some haital. Cause there's hair metal stuff here as well. It's another one of those albums where it gets better the older you are, I guess.

Hmm...wonder if I should make song #7 my theme song for the L/F haters out there....

Thanks, Rjhog. Thanks for.....nothing. 


Heavy Metal?  Not!


But good rock and roll it is indeed!  I too own this on vinyl but have failed to purchase on CD format.  Why?  I don't know.


That Cozy Powell fact is new to me and very awesome.  I seen him play with Whitesnake on their Slide It In tour.  They opened for Quiet Riot and blew them away!  I've always loved Cozy's work! 


Nice post!

Hard Rock, Rock, Metal, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Hair Metal. Are there really clear definitions for these terms that everybody agrees on? It's all opinions, my soft rock, is another man's heavy metal and so forth....

What's clear, is Cinderella is a great band! They are in the upper echelon of my music heirarchy. I'm always perfectly content throwing on some Cinderella.  "Long Cold Winter" is the amazing follow up to the incredible debut "Night Songs". Both albums are good from cover to cover, & I will give props to "Heartbreak Station" as well.  I consider "Long Cold Winter" a necessary staple in anyone's classic rock collection.



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