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Artist: Deep Purple

Genre: Rock

Country Of Origin: England

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Member: No

Album: Stormbringer

Producer: Martin Birch/Deep Purple

Release Date: November 1974

Running Time: 36:31

RJ's Top 5 Songs: 1. Soldier Of Fortune...2. Stormbringer...3. Holy Man...4. You Can't Do It Right (With The One You Love)...5. The Gypsy

Disclaimer: All info that does not reside in my brain is gathered from (mostly because Jon can't stand it). 

This week's Album Of The Week is an anniversary album.  I have Stormbringer by Deep Purple's Mach something or other lineup.  Truthfully, I wasn't a fan of DP in my youth.  I mostly listened to the radio and the few albums I got from my sister or whatever my cousins had.  DP was not among those and you really heard very little DP on the radio.  Anyway, here are a few nuggets:

  • Stormbringer is one of two albums released by Deep Purple in 1974 (Burn was released in February).
  • The album reached number 20 in the U.S.
  • It was also certified Gold in the U.S.
  • You Can't Do It Right (With The One You Love) and Stormbringer were singles that didn't chart.
  • Directly from Wikipedia: Stormbringer is also the name of a magical sword described in several novels byMichael Moorcock. David Coverdale has denied knowledge of this until shortly after recording the album. A few years later, Moorcock collaborated with Blue Öyster Cultto write "Black Blade", a song that actually was about the sword Stormbringer.

Personally, I think this is a decent album.  You can definitely hear the soul and funk, courtesy of Coverdale/Hughes.  You Can't Do It Right (With The One You Love) sounds like it should have been recorded by Mother's Finest.  And since Scott has been on the subject of album openers and closers lately, I noticed that the two best songs on this album open it and close it.  

There is a bit of fluff, namely Hold On, Lady Double and High Ball Shooter.  But overall, it's got some nice tracks.  What do you think of the album?  And, if you were a Deep Purple fan back then, what did you think of the funk/soul thing as compared to previous Purple?  I'm just wondering if those fans felt the same way that the fans of Kiss felt about the disco thing.

Side One:

1. Stormbringer

2. Love Don't Mean A Thing

3. Holy Man

4. Hold On

Side Two:

5. Lady Double

6. You Can't Do It Right (With The One You Love)

7. High Ball Shooter

8. The Gypsy

9. Soldier Of Fortune


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Ah the infamous Stormbringer!  Blackmore’s last straw.  What’s a Stormbringer anyway?


I like the rockin’ funk of Mark III.  It’s clear Hughes’ songwriting is the over tone of everything, But I challenge you to do this.  Listen to Mark III (Stormbringer) and then Mark IV (Come Taste The Band) and then load up some early Whitesnake (Trouble)!  You hear his influence as well.. 

Title track definitely lets the listener know this is a different DP!  Yet it’s full of Blackmore’s great geetar©™ work, also noted on Lady Double Dealer!  Probably his best showcases on the record.

You Can’t Do It Right(With The One You Love) is the funkiest though.  But again this is Lord’s showcase, though the riff is very cool and funky!

Holy Man is just cool!  But Hold On is one of the album best cuts, easily!  Coverdale sounds at his best, Blackmore adds texture but Jon Lord is the reason this is the best track!  His talent is sooo special, also check out High Ball Shooter!  Killer closer (glad I thought of that topic!)!


Seriously Great Post!!!

A stormbringer is a bringer of storms. Thought that would be pretty much self-explanatory, but guess not.

Gee thanks my friend!  But...  I didn't ask the question in my response to seek an answer, rather, it was a statement I thought I recall Blackmore making when going through his disillusionment with the band at the time.  Should have clarified ...

This is a great album, one of Deep Purple's best. Sometimes I feel like their work is overlooked, so many great albums.

That's a kind of cheap looking album cover, isn't it? it doesn't seem to be an album cover from a hard rock band, there's a flying horse fer cryin' out loud! Plus it looks like a certain part of the female anatomy on the cover as well, I will say no more about that though.

I thought I had this album. I don't. I checked.

This is ok. It's certainly no "Machine Head" or "In Rock", it's more poppy than hard rock even though there is hard rock scattered about. Coverdal'e voice is a bit weak on some of the tracks as well. 

Side two is better than side one. If I were to ever come up with a list of some of the best album closing tracks of all time, "Soldier Of Fortune" wouldn't make it. It's the weakest track on the second side.

All in all it's not bad, but it's not something I'm desperate to have. Maybe one day I'll buy it. 

Decent post.

You Stormbringer you!!

The storm has been broughten!


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