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Undoubtedly, it's hurricane season in Georgia.  So you are getting an extremely abbreviated post for Album of the Week.  I'm going with Let There Be Rock by AC/DC.  The album was released in 1977, first in Australia and later internationally.  It could do no better than a 154th place showing on the US charts, but it still boasts a Double Platinum certification by the RIAA.  Three singles were released, but none of those managed to chart in the states. 

That's the long and short of it.  For me, I dig the tracks that bookend the album.  Go Down and Whole Lotta Rosie are fantastic.

Side One:

1. Go Down

2. Dog Eat Dog

3. Let There Be Rock

4. Bad Boy Boogie

Side Two:

5. Problem Child

6. Overdose

7. Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be

8. Whole Lotta Rosie

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Problem Child doesn't really belong on this album. When I heard my first two AC/DC-albums back in the summer of 1977 (High Voltage and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap), Problem Child was one of the songs on DDDDC. 

That's why, I've deleted PC on my Ipod-version of this album, and have included Crabsody In Blue (from the original australian release) instead. Not a very good song, but that's how it should be imo. PC ain't THAT good, so it have to be on two studio-albums.

Even though I heard HV and DDDDC tons of times in 1977 and the following years, as well as Powerage, I don't think I heard this album until maybe 1981, and at that time, I got tired of each AC/DC-album after only a few listenings. But sometimes or mostly, I couldn't be the boss over, which music was played at friends houses.

Nowadays, I like this album, and it's pretty heavy. But I don't really know, if it's my least favorite Scott-album, or maybe that's DDDDC. Still waaaayyyy better than either of the Johnson-albums, except of course BIB. 

The title-track is one of my favorite AC/DC-songs.

This album was the first time I ever heard of ACDC or heard a song from them.  My new Junior High friend dropped the needle on Dog Eat Dog because he got a kick out of the lyrics (Eat Cat too - hahahaha).  Bon always had a way with words...  That was my intro to the band.  

Niels has a great point about Problem Child, but I had no idea that it was previously released as we in America didn't get DDDDC until 1981.  By then this version of Problem Child was the de-facto version for me, still is - with the exception of the last 25 seconds of the DDDDC version there's very little difference, even less discernable differences on the remasters.  But yes, its definitely better suited on DDDDC than here as this album is heavy!!!

But an even more meaningful moment came a short time later when Powerage came out, its my favorite ACDC album but since that's not the AOTW, I'll forego why its the best ACDC studio album ever recorded.

As for my circle of friends, this album got the snot played out of it!  Theres no riff, lick, drum fill, bass line, etc  that I cant use my air instruments to perfectly simulate.  This is one of those desert island album for sure!

Fine post sir!  Two in a row!

Yeah, this one is pretty good.

Actually, it's my favorite AC/DC album I think.

Yes, it is.

And it's all because of two songs, LTBR and WLR because they're so epic.

Whatever songs are before those two songs are just whetting the appetite. They're like the appetizers before the main courses. There's no dessert here, just appetizers and main courses.

Plus there's something about the album cover that's so basic yet so awesome. Can't put my finger on what it is, but it's there and I like it.

True statement regarding the album cover!


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