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It was back in 1988 that Pat Benatar released Wide Awake In Dreamland.  It was the fifth straight album for Benatar that didn't perform as well commercially as it's predecessor.  It was a Top 40 album, showing as high as number 28 on the US chart.  It also sold well enough to garner a Gold certification from the RIAA.  Several singles were released from the album, but All Fired Up was the only one that managed to chart, topping out at number 19.  

This album was the beginning of the end of Pat's commercial peak, though the follow up was her last album to crack the US Top 40.  Long time collaborator Neil Giraldo co-wrote the majority of the songs on the album.  There is also a guest appearance on background vocals by Nick Gilder (Don't Walk Away and Cool Zero).

It's still available, but the price for a new copy on Amazon is almost 27 dollars.  You can, however, pick up a used copy for 5 or 6 dollars.

Side One:

1. All Fired Up

2. One Love

3. Let's Stay Together

4. Don't Walk Away

5. Too Long A Soldier

Side Two:

6. Cool Zero

7. Cerebral Man

8. Lift 'Em On Up

9. Suffer The Little Children

10. Wide Awake In Dreamland

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Pat Nebatar, as Butthead used to say, is cool! I have all of her studio albums up to this one and then I dropped off the Nebatar band wagon when I heard bits and pieces of True Love. Never really jumped back on because this run of releases is still satisfying.

One thing about this album I’ve heard said is that it’s a perfectly produced album and the sound of it is flawless. I agree its very nice and I would love to see a true remastering of the album to really know the answer to this for myself, but I have no argument with the mix or production. It’s very good!

Have to add how good the band has been as well. Husband Neil Geraldo is a stellar and extremely underrated player. Same for drummer Myron Grombacher who is fun to watch play. Benatar has never been one to shy away from stylistic changes from album to album, and I like that as well. Though I still think she backed off the rock tinged stuff too much after this. I loved the changes heard on Get Nervous and then again on Tropico… This speaks to some of the songs here as well, One Love, Cerebral Man to name the obvious ones. Great songs!

It’s a fine album, not sure how many ways you can say that. Nice work boss!

I like this album, but I also like pretty much all of her albums (yep, including True Love because, unlike others, I believe in having a wide taste in music) so there's that.

Good thing there's a couple ways to get a remastered version of this album.......(some people just annoy me to no end).

The geetar at the end of Cool Zero is really cool. As I've mentioned before on this here site, Geraldo is underrated (nice someone stole that from me on this here site and quite recently to boot).

I'm outta this thread before I lose my temper.

I have the 2006 remaster, which is why I chose the words "true remastering" because it could use some touch ups IMO.  I love the first 3 albums and the remastering treatment they got.  Are you annoyed that we think closely alike?  Because if thats it well...  me too!



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