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This week's Classic Rock Bottom Album of the Week is the self-titled debut by the Canadian rock musician Aldo Nova.  It was released in 1982 and featured the #23 Billboard Hot 100 hit Fantasy.  You remember that one for sure.  The album reached number 8 on the Billboard 200 album chart and was eventually certified Double Platinum by the RIAA.  Foolin' Yourself was released as the second single from the album but was not as successful, only managing a number 65 showing on the Billboard chart.  It did perform better in Canada.

Personally, I can't say I was ever a fan.  But I did pick this up recently on the cheap and it's a decent album.  You can still get a new copy on Amazon for just under 7 dollars.  


1. Fantasy

2. Hot Love

3. It's Too Late

4. Ball And Chain

5. Heart To Heart

6. Foolin' Yourself

7. Under The Gun

8. You're My Love

9. Can't Stop Lovin' You

10. See The Light

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The first song was pretty damn big when it played on the radio so I went and got the album and was pretty much unimpressed with the rest. However, there is some really killer geetar going on throughout but the songs just seem underwhelming. There's nothing as catchy as that first song and it continued with the second album when the first four songs (really just one long one with a bit intro, at least to me) when the beginning just killed off the rest of the album. Still, I have it a visit it occasionally. 

Majorly important album to me... 

I can picture it now...  82-83 - Senior year.  Parking lot full of people ... ahem ... getting ready for school.  Stereos blasting all over the place and this album is huge.  No even bigger, more like YUGE!  Of course Fantasy dominates the playlist but no one is kipping around the track listing so everything is getting airplay in my world.  Adn that make the entire album so good and so important.  Its part of the soundtrack of important times and places in my life.

I realize that doesn't make it great for everybody, but it truly is here.  I even like the follow up, its pretty solid, but then Nova disappeared into the recesses of pop songwriting.  Sad to, because I thought he was the next big thing, kinda like the way Vandenburg followed up their debut album, in with a bang, out with a whimper.

Rock Candy remasters of this are pretty stellar... just sayin'


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