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So, I picked up the new Asia album XXX ( 30th year anniversary ).  Let me say I am a huge Asia fan.  I have all their albums.   Obviously, the first is a classic and will never be topped...that doesnt mean some very good music hasnt  come down the pike in the following years, it has ...The original band broke up for many years ago  but got back together around 2008 and released Phoenix, which I thought was a great album..Long keyboards and great vocals pushed this album... I really thought it was good for the 1st album released after many years...Omega followed a couple of years later..It also was very good and i enjoyed it..Now this new album has been released and i am dissappointed...The thing i like about Asia is on every album, i like every song...not this one.  Al Gotto Nero, Judas and Bury me in a willow are good, but the rest is average at best... Nothing seemed to stand out at all.. I was very excited about this album coming out and rushed to to purchase..I almost hate that i spent money on it...WIll this begin a downward tilt for one of my favorite bands?  Are they too old to get it done anymore...WIll John Wettons awesome voice continue on?  I dont know..I will be looking toward the next album but will make sure i listen to some samples before i go to buy...

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I haven't heard it yet.  I was gonna buy it, but Best Buy did not have it.  I'm kind of waiting to see if somebody posts it in NMC.  At least we got awesome new Van Halen this year.

So far Ive liked Omega the most of the three "reunion" albums.  I plan on posting some sample tracks from XXX this weekend, it will be interesting to see what others think as well

I like it, there's a couple non-Asia sounding tracks on this album, kinda reminded me of the heaviness of Yes' "Drama". I like this much better than "Phoenix", think it's on par with "Omega".

I think I'm going to start posting more Asia, there's some good stuff out there without all the original members......

...unless I'm told not to.


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