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Does anyone know anything about this band?  Or, does anyone have an samples?  I keep hearing an occasional song on the radio, and they all seem to be good.  This morning it was Jellyroll. 

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Yes I do..John Sykes, Carmine Appice and Tony Franklin. A few albums, but the one to get is "Blue Murder". And I might put what I was going to throw up on the backburner and do that one this week. How's that work for you?

Very solid band. Sykes is a terrific guitarist and underrated vocalists and Blue Murder had an awesome rhythm section. I always thought their problem was for the most part they were sort of a hard rock "jam band". In other words many of their songs were longer such as The Valley of The Kings, so they weren't going to get a ton of radio airplay. Their first album is still relatively easy to find. If you haven't heard it, you might want to You Tube "We All Fall Down" from their second album. Appice played on the album but had left the band before the video was shot. I heard an interview with him and a different one with Sykes on Eddie Trunk's satellite radio show and there is some talk about them doing a reunion tour and maybe recording a new album.

I found the second album, "Here Comes Trouble" a couple weeks ago and have to give it a re-listen. Had it when it cameout and did not like it at all, maybe I'll like it now. But, don't think it can top the first one.  

It is not in the first album's league (actually the debut album belongs in a Top 10 Most Underrated Classic List, it is that good) but give it another few listens.It isn't that bad and has a few really good moments.

what station do you listen to that actually plays Blue Murder? Sykes is a fab guitarist. As you may already know, he was with Thin Lizzy for the Armed and Dangerous album and tour too.

I love the Blue Murder debut. I have it on tape somewhere. I should dig it out and then try to find one of my old tape players that still work.

Rock on!

It's been a while since I've heard them , but I think I was listening to XM41, which I think is HairNation, or it could have been XM53, The Boneyard. 


It's good to hear from you old friend...I hope you are doing well.

Are you thinking about the "Thunder And Lightning" album maybe?
oh shit , yes. What the hell was I thinking. Well obviously I wasn't. I am getting old!

Hello folks

Not sure who I'm actually replying to here but I just wanted to join in on the discussion..

..I still have the original vinyl copy of Blue Murder-(bought in 1989/90??)Its a very professionally executed album but..

Quite honestly I think the only 2 tracks on it that are really worth a listen are Valley of the Kings and Jelly Roll(LOVE THIS!)

Agree John Sykes is a great guitarist but this album is very much about showcasing HIM and not about the band at all!

The one song that really sticks out for me is "Ptolemy". Very majestic sounding to me. Also like "Billy" plus the two that you mentioned above.


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