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Okay, I'm ripping TageRyche off for a second time.  Now I owe him twice as much in royalties.  I've started to go back through a bunch of my somewhat new releases and see where they sit with me now.  I'll try to include just a couple of brief thoughts based around a current listen to these albums.   If I've previously done a review I will attempt to weigh my original thoughts against my current thoughts.  They may be the same or they may be different now, we'll see.

Scorpions - Humanity Hour 1 (2007)

I remember really liking this one when I purchased it.  So when Sting In The Tail came out, I purchased it too.  But it was a total let down for me (I think I need to dig that one out and listen to it again as well).  As far as Humanity Hour 1 goes, my opinion has not changed one bit.  I totally dig it.  Really, every song.  Klaus sounds excellent.  I would not say it's overly melodic or a straight up melodic rock album, but there's just enough here to keep me happy.  Desmond Child was involved with production duties, so there is that. 

It's a totally underrated hidden gem.  Standout tracks for me would be Hour 1, You're Lovin' Me To Death, 321 and Humanity.

Rating - 9/10 

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Cage The Gods - Badlands (2014)

I'll jump right into this one by saying that I'm quite confident that you have never heard of this band.  I really don't even recall how I discovered them.  Cage The Gods is/was a British band that started in 2012.  This was their first, and to date, only full length studio album.  Apparently they are no longer an entity, as their Facebook page hasn't been updated since early 2014.  And that's a shame, because this is a really good rock album.  Peter Comeford is a fairly dynamic vocalist, probably reminding me of Jon Bon Jovi more than anyone else.  He reaches the notes he needs to reach without over singing.  Thankfully.  The rhythm section is more than adequate, but the big draw for me is Jam.  Yep, that's the guitarist's name.  He plays very melodically and his solos fit the song.  By the way, they have good songs too.  Nothing earth shattering from a lyrical perspective, but good singing songs.  It's a fun listen when driving!

Standout tracks are The Ending, Badlands, Bruce Willis and Promises.

Rating - 9/10

For some reason, the name strikes a somewhat foggy memory. I might've heard the band's name before but that's about it. And I'm not even sure about that.

It’s good stuff.  Pretty sure it’s available on YouTube.

Also made an appearance in NMC.  Player is no longer active, but even Jon made a somewhat positive comment.

Look here

Stevie Nicks - 24 Karat Gold: Songs From The Vault (2014)

I remember when I bought this I thought through a first listen that it was fairly decent.  However, it really hasn't been played since it came out, so it's been a while since I had heard it.  And I have to say, there's not much to it.  I mean, it's technically 14 new songs, many being written some time ago and offered to the buying public through this album.  But it immediately became background music for me, at least until the attention grabbing track I don't Care.  That's the ninth track on the album, for those keeping score.  All The Beautiful Worlds follows that track, and it's another good one.  Just an excellent production and vibe on the track.  Sounds like something she should have released in the 80's.  The final three tracks, while not on the level of the previously mentioned two, are fair.  But overall, I personally don't think you're missing a lot if you didn't buy this one.  Of course, that's just an opinion.  

Standout tracks would be I Don't Care and All The Beautiful Worlds.

Rating - 5/10


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