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   Since I have noticed that RJhog, Jon and Neils have all got a job around here. I have decided to take matters into my own hands (so to speak), and open up my own place. Since I personally no longer drink (very long story but I got rather good at it and was told if I didnt stop I wouldn't have a liver or various other parts of my system. 10 years sober now.), I still like the idea of sitting down and listening to people and thier life and thoughts on, well everything. So pull up a chair and tell us about yourself and have a good time (i.e.- funny).


   So I'll get started. I am from West Virginia, now living in Missouri. I work for a very popular greeting card company in the Kansas City area. I am not only a music and movie geek, I also am a stamp collector. I went to college, but for only 2 years and I currently live in a van down by the river. :)


   My pet peeves 1) Gummy bears

                         2) Why the coyote can never get the upper hand on the road runner. BTW his day is coming.

                         3) DMV


   I am pretty sure that this place may not have alot of foot traffic. So if this place goes under I will be forced to go and beg the govertment for some stimulis money. I mean come on the pass that around like candy. :) BTW this isnt a very elaborate bar, just a card table and a few chairs. We have a jukebox but the only music it will play is Slim Whitman. Sorry.

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Well, I'll pull up a seat. I drink very occasionally. I had my share of feeling like crap in college and a few years after that, and I just have no desire to feel that way. I'm from Augusta, Georgia and have lived here all of my life except for the 3 years that I attended UGA. I graduated from UGA in 1991 with a degree in Pharmacy. I work in Long Term Care these days, and have for the last 4 years. I actually have a 9-5 job now, no more late nights for me. I do have to take call from time to time, but that's usually not too bad (except last Friday night/Saturday morning I got called in at 2:30 am).

My biggest pet peeves are people who get tons of phone calls on their cell phones. Especially when said people are in a movie theater or something along that line. I also don't care for rude folks who think it's cool to always say what they are thinking. Sometimes that's just not appropriate.

I hope Jimmie Johnson wins his 4th straight NASCAR championship and go Dawgs!!!

I'm sure I'll be back at the bar soon.
I'll come in, what the heck. Maybe catch someone cheatin' at cards and we'll just have to have ourselves a little showdown out there on that there dusty street. Be afraid, for I'm watching.

New Jersey is my home, but I live in Michigan and work for some company kind of, in a way, a main storyline in "2001: A Space Odyssey". I can't be more specific since I'm being watched at all times because I work on a really super-duper high security, tippity toppity top secret sort of stuff. Yes, I can see them watching me from across the street in the black car, them with their dark suits and sunglasses. Like they think I don't know. Please!

My pet peeves? Got quite a few, but will narrow it down to a couple:

1) People who don't use turn signals when turning or making lane changes.
2) Able-bodied people that cannot walk up or down escalators
3) This is a Michigan thing, I think: People who do not let you out of the elevator. They stand right n fron of the door and, when it opens and you're trying to exi, they're soving themselves on.
4) Texting and walking, cause they're not paying attention
5) Anyone that harms an animal.

Other than that, I lead a simple life, collect music and movies (finally broke down a couple months ago and bough a Blu-Ray player, now have to figure out what DVD's I want to replace. Not all since I have over 1000 DVD's so what do I do?????????)

Maybe somehow you can throw some Boxcar Willie on the jukebox?


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