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So here we are at Part II, and to think last weeks got a lukewarm response.  So there's probably not a bunch more I can say to convince anyone of how truly good, scratch that, I mean GREAT this second-best Canadian trio really is.


So here's 4 more tracks... this time we've spread the tunes across 4 great albums that everyone should own, but we'll just stop there and let the music do the talking!


Oh, by the way, here's another cool band logo!




1 - Movin' On

Just A Game

2 - I Live For The Weekend

Progressions of Power

3 - Fight The Good Fight

Allied Forces

4 - Stranger In A Strange Land

Thunder Seven

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Is the first song a studio track enhanced with audience noise?  I'm curious as to why bands do this.  Anyway, believe it or not, I get an imediate Blackfoot vibe from this one, particularly the chorus.  I think it's the vocals mostly.  But I do like this one.  The geetar solo is quite cool.  And it sounds like Styx right after the solo.  Nice track. (4/4 stars)


I love the title of the album "Progressions Of Power".  This track is a good bit louder, remasterd CD maybe?  It comes out of the gate firing.  This is a real rocker, and while I think it's good, it's not quite as good as the previous track.  But the solo does kill. (3/4 stars)


Fight The Good Fight, I've heard before.  And I really like it.  This is similar in sound to most of their hits.  And I love the into.  And, I've never noticed before, but I like the bass guitar on this song.  Have I mentioned the outstanding quality of the guitar solos on these songs.  Especially the second half of the solo here. (4/4 stars)


Stranger In A Strange Land is bit more funky than the rest of these.  Another interesting bass line.  Yep, I like this a lot too.  (4/4 stars)


Scott, my friend, you were almost perfect.  I think these selections are better overall than last week, but both weeks prove to me that you are closer to right than Jon where Triumph are concerned.  Definitel a band worth exploring.  They are officially on my list of "bands I need more catalog on".


Great post. 


P.S. Don't forget, if you have a chance, to post this on the CRB Facebook page.  I'll copy my comments there when you do.



First song is a studio tune and the version of Just A Game I have is a remaster just not  same 2077 remasters that I have for the other albums!  May have to fix that...

And I posted this on FB right after publishing here!  So copy and paste away!

oh ya..  Thanks for the great review!

Crud!  I meant 2007 remasters...  I need a proof reader!

And now batting for the CRB Scott. He is 4 for 4 today....

Love "Movin' On"....great harmony back up vocals. I bet the addition of crowd noise on a studio recording was probably the producers idea (bad??). Doesn't ruin the song at all...but like RJ...what's the point? But still a classic tune.

For "I Live For The Weekend"...anyone care to count how many notes Rik Emmett plays in the lead work throughout this song? (you'll need some extra fingers, and toes!!) And the lead playing kicks in right from the start.

I also really dig how he plays lead fills in between the vocal lines of the verses. This is just a great, great, lead guitar tune. I also really think it is killer how, about half way through the song, the entire band comes to an ubrupt halt. And you may think the song is over. But, about 1.5 seconds, later, the band tears off again, into the rest of the track. I've loved this song from the very first listen!

Also, I got to talk about the very ending of this song...the "explosion" sound you hear as the song fades out? I remember reading how they got that sound in the studio. Someone stood on a chair, and then dropped this little practice amp, plugged in and turned on, on the floor. And that's the"explosion" sound you hear. Purty cool stuff....and now that was a guurrrate idea!!

"Fight The Good Fight"...another classic most people have heard quite a bit. "The Good Book says its better to give than receive..."   True dat. Another real nice lead, as well.

Final track...beginning guitar riff is a funky little ditty...and then quickly changes into a blues vibe. When the singing begins, it has a little jazzy feel to me. Shows off quite a bit of diversity, it does!

Scott knocks the SHT out of this one... 

This may be the best ever review in this forum!  It may take another 100 or so playlists to equal but I'm gonna have a great time trying! 

Jonster wrong?

There's always a first time for everything.

Uh, no...I'm not getting a Foreigner definitely doesn't feel like the first time.

I didn't care too much for the first song. Sounded rather pedestrian and boring.


I Live For The Weekend positively smokes. Not as much as Allied Forces, but really, really close. I understand you didn't inlude the song Allied Forces just to upset me, but that's ok. I'll just post more country.

I like the album Allied Forces as a whole, so I'll deal with the song you picked, even though it wasn't what I wanted.

Thunder Seven was the first ever Triumph album I ever bought, and I still like it. So, no problem with the pick here.

Dammit, I'm still annoyed with what SHOULD have been the 3rd song!!! But then again, you are getting old, so having two smokingly heavy tracks in a row might have caused your head to explode.

You guys all have given me some great laughs today!!

Scott:  "there's always a first time for everything"...

RJHog:  " definitely doesn't feel like the first time..."

Jonster:  " are getting old, so having two smokingly heavy tracks in a row mighe have caused your head to explode..."

This is good stuff!! Comedy's top trio????

Will this work as a "Country-blocker"?

Is your head still attached?


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