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Dedicated to Christina. We miss you and will remember you forever. 

After a slight detour with Eloy last week, we're back on track with the final album for the "was it worth it" theme. I'm sure a lot of folks are sad that there's not more Eloy, but patience. You'll get what you crave!

This week is the reunion album of Jefferson Airplane, released in 1989 which is a whopping 17 years since their last studio album under the Jefferson Airplane moniker. 

Back in '89 I could have cared less about Jefferson Airplane. I did like Jefferson Starship though, since they were kinda heavy. I always thought that Jefferson Airplane were soft, so I never bothered. 

Things change and I got into Jefferson Airplane years later, but not enough to pick up any of their albums until I found this one for a really cheap price. I picked it up, gave it a listen and really liked it. 

This year, thanks to Mike Pell, I finally picked up "Surrealistic Pillow" and now my music collection is complete (according to him). Reading reviews of this album, there is a sharp divide between those that like this and those that don't. Since I'm not an Airplane expert my thoughts on this really don't count, I guess. 

Ah well...I like it and that's all that matters.



Jefferson Airplane

1. Planes
2. Freedom
3. Solidarity
4. Madeleine Street
5. Ice Age
6. Summer Of Love
7. The Wheel
8. Common Market Mardrigal
9. True Love
10. Upfront Blues
11. Now Is The Time
12. Too Many Years
13. Panda



Availability: OOP but can be found starting around $3.50.



COMING NEXT: The 80's!

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It was WORTH it!

And thanks for the shout out.

I hope you found Surrealistic Pillow worth it, lol!

Didnt know about this one at all. Was it worth it? Yes yes yes! Really good post Jon!

Not really, not to me.  This was a pretty boring listen if you ask me, except for 2 songs.  Those would be Freedom and Ice Age, the latter of which featured some stellar geetar work.  


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