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Contrary to a certain someone's belief, there ain't no bears in them thar woods. There was no "plan". It was just a simple request, yet they're running around scared, looking over their shoulder fearful that something is coming to get them. Guaranteed they'll eventually trip and fall and SOMETHING will get them, but not what they think.

Of course I could also state this is something you've probably never heard before and, unlike a certain other someone, I would be correct. This person wouldn't even run, they would be transfixed by something shiny they spot on the ground and SOMETHING will get them, and nobody would care what they think.

(NOTE: 100% collusion free! All facts are from jonsmindopedia, unless otherwise noted.) 

SO, this week's pick it "The Bridge" from 707 which was actually completed in 1981/82 but not released until 2004 (or 2006, depending on what you read). Some of you might be familiar with 707 on this site since they were featured as a L/F album in November '03. Out of the multitude of folks that listened to it, only one didn't like it. Of course it's the same one who is scared there's something nefarious going on. 

What was missed on that November post was a bio of the band. Here it is, courtesy of

"The AOR band 707 formed in Detroit; original members included Phil Bryant (bass, vocals), Jim McClarty (drums), Duke McFadden (keyboards, vocals), Kevin Russell (guitars, vocals), and David Carr (piano), although the lineup changed with each album. After signing to Casablanca, the band released its self-titled debut and had a modest radio hit with "I Could Be Good for You," written by McFadden and McCarty. The Second Album (1981) and Megaforce (1982) followed, but 707 never followed up its signature hit."

If you liked "The Second Decade", you'll probably like this. If you didn't, you're currently holding your hands over your face hoping and praying that "bad" thing will just go away.

I wonder if this was released in '82 or '83 if I would have bought it. Would it have had a hit single or two? I don't know. 

I just don't know.

The Bridge

1. Leader
2. Hungry for Your Love
3. You're All I Need
4. Want Your Love
5. Sirens Of The Sea
6. Message From A Friend
7. Love You 'Til I Die
8. Head Over Heels
9. Walking Out On Love
10. Couldn't Be Better
11. The Bridge

Availability: The Renaissance Records release, which features three bonus tracks, is available for less than $7, free two day shipping with those that have Amazon Prime! The cover is different from above, which I like, but who cares about album covers anyway? 

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I enjoyed this. It does sound a little dated, but why should n't it? Listened through twice. Like it enough to where I would purchase it, if I stumble across it somewhere. Won't go looking for it, but still a good listen. The other 707 Jon has shared with us, "The 4th Decade" is still on my purchase list.

707 opened for REO Speedwagon during the Good Trouble tour...  Theres your tie in!!

Furthermore...  this band eventually featured Tod Howarth of Frehleys Comet fame, who we all know was Ace Frehleys outfit, so there is atie in with KISS also...

OK, you got me, that opener was awesome!  Its the perfect tune that suits my taste in music, mid-tempo, acoustic, crunchy riff.  Wasn't as sold on the follow up tune, but it turns to be quite catchy!

Kinda didn't care for You're All I Need but it gets back on track with quirky-poppy Want Your Love.  Definitely a period piece.  This dripping in 70's production and pop-rock hipness.  Get the feeling they were trying for a hit single.  That is until Sirens of the Sea came on.  This one I didn't get at all, real monotone and flat. 

Back on track with Message From a Friend - another quirky pop tune that doesn't catch your ear at first, but then picks up quite nicely.  Not sure what they were trying to get from Love You 'Til I Die and Head Over Heels, didn't feel those at all.

Again they recover with Walking Out On Love - yet another tune that starts out not very interestingly, but the musicianship kind of grabs at you.  Couldn't Be Better, plodded for about 1:30 seconds and then it grabbed me and made me listen!  Why cant they do this for the entire length of the tune?

Not sure what to make of the title track/closer.

All in all this was a really good album, it feels like they were right on the edge of hitting on something but never quite got there.  Could've used some songwriting help no doubt.  As usual you did a nice job, even though you tried to hide the tie in to Bruce Hall, you got caught, yet again!

Leader - This has a good sound to it.  I like the acoustic start paired with the electric meat of the song.  This is a well structured song, a very nice opening track.

Hungry For Your Love - There's a song title straight outta the 80's.  Sounds a good bit like Bret Michaels.  That must be why Jon likes this band so much.  This song is very generic.  Maybe that's why it sounds like Poison.

You're All I Need - I don't really get a better feeling about this song.

Want Your Love - See previous.

Sirens Of The Sea - This is better.  It has a bit more of an epic classic rock feel to it, something like you might find on a Blue Oyster Cult album.  

Message From A Friend - This one's pretty cool too.  I like the vocals.

Love You 'Til I Die, Head Over Heals & Couldn't Be Better are all total background music.  None of them are terrible, but they are all very generic, sometimes bordering on cheesy.  That was the 80's for you.  

Walking Out On Love - Yet another step back in time to the 80's, which makes sense.  But this is one cool song.  I could see this being a hit had it been released back then.   I would have certainly liked it.   

The Bridge - And it closes out with a nifty little instrumental.  Cool.

Not a bad post at all, but I didn't like it as much as the previous album by 707 that you posted.  Still a worthy listen.


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