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It's the 20th and second album in the series. Moore ooey-gooey AOR goodness from Strangeways!

This is their second album which was released in 1987. The title of the album is Native Sons.


Wonder what they're looking at on the album cover. There's something on the ground, something up there and something over there. Probably an alien. Or grasshopper.

Well, it's almost the end of the year so I'm basically spending less time on these. Maybe there willl be one more for the year. Maybe two. Then a couple weeks off. 


That means that next week is the last one for the year?


Sadly, there's no more red track. Thanks, ning! It's now the bold track and what is picked as the bold track is THE bold track. There are no other bold tracks whatever you might think. is that clear?

Native Sons

1. Dance With Somebody
2. Only A Fool
3. So Far Away
4. Where Do We Go From Here
5. Goodnight L.A.
6. Empty Streets
7. Stand Up And Shout
8. Shake The Seven
9. Never Gonna Lose It
10. Face To Face

Availability: Around $13 new with a bonus track (not included here).

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Wow is this poppy!  This may be the most pop oriented post you've ever done.  Top 40 production and catchy choruses galore!  Kasey Casem must've had a hand in this!

Really its a very nice listen, though the songs are overly polished they aren't terrible to hear all the way through even!  Shake The Seven was the first track I really didnt care for and the rest are decent.  Problem is finding the track formerly known as the Cherry Pick (dont worry I'll come up with a witty and creative name for this now that ning went color blind)

Interesting but not purchase material...

wait what just happened there!

It doesn't have the color option for me anymore. So.......

It appears to be random

I dont have the color option on the toolbar either now!

Still not the Strangeways I have.

I think the first one was better or at least I liked it better. Now I wonder how the CD I have sounds like, but I'll wait. Maybe you'll post that one too.

Yeah, the plump track is pretty good. The other tracks aren't bad, but they need something to make them better and that something is a white Yacht to go with it.


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