Classic Rock Bottom

Who? Shooter Jennings & Hierophant

Wait......COUNTRY??!! No. Definitely not. Nope.

When? 2010

Album title? Black Ribbons

Who is that guy talking? Some guy, wrote a few books. Nobody important.

You swear that this ain't country? Absolutely. review? Yes, here. But read it during or after listening. Just

WARNING: Some of this stuff might offend.

Black Ribbons

1. Wake Up!
2. Last Light Radio 11:01 PM
3. Triskaidekphobia
4. Don't Feed the Animals
5. The Breaking Point
6. Last Light Radio 11:16 PM
7. Everything Else is Illusion
8. God Bless Alabama
9. All of This Could Have Been Yours
10. Last Light Radio 11:29 PM
11. Fuck You (I m Famous)
12. Lights in the Sky
13. Black Ribbons
14. Last Light Radio 11:57 PM
15. Summer of Rage
16. California Via Tennesee
17. The Illuminated
18. Last Light Radio 11:57 PM
19. When The Radio Goes Dead
20. All of This Could Have Been Yours (Reprise)

Availability: Around $10 new or used.

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I'll forgive the 12 track rule here since its a radio broadcast and he didn't include commercials so there's that....

That said this isn't a bright and shiny listening experience, in fact it's a good bit depressing.  It's a tough listen really, if you were happy when you started this then you finished up sad.  Only thing that really caught my attention was the 'Don't Bring Me Down' rip off...

Poor narrator didn't get to shut down when he was ready...

This reminds me of a podcast where they discuss the top 100 AFI movies and always mention how The Simpsons pays homage to whatever movie they're talking about. When talking about a Buster Keaton movie, the lady mentions how Jackie Chan and Jackass have "ripped off" Keaton when anybody who knows about Jackie Chan knows that he's a HUGE fan of Keaton. So, how is Chan ripping him off yet the Simpsons are paying homage? The lady and guy are pretty dumb when it comes to that list. As far as they're concerned, the #1 movie of all time is Titanic.

I stopped listening to that podcast. Now I will stop reading your replies. See what you have gone and done?

You're too late...  everyone stopped reading my replies long ago...

I see a jumble of letters above, but will not read 'em.

I think this is pretty good.  The review is pretty spot-on.  The biggest issue for me is the continued droning on and on of the fuzziness.  

The songs are pretty strong.  God Bless Alabama and All Of This Could Have Been Yours are very solid songs.  As is Lights In The Sky.  I like the guitar in that one too.

This is good enough that it makes me wanna watch out for some Shooter Jennings.  My local used CD shop is having a "buy 5, get 5 free" sale starting tomorrow.  Maybe I'll get lucky.

Good post and sorry I'm so behind.  I will catch up, hopefully most of it this weekend.


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