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Well, the Wishbone Ash experiment is now over so it's back to me thinking about what to post. Kida sucks having to think and all that, but with an album like 1993's "The Buffalo Skinners" from Big Country, sometimes having to think about what to post is a good thing.


Thanks goes to Michael Andrade who made me revisit Big Country with a show he did a few weeks back. During that show it dawned on me that, other than their big hit back in 1983, there's probably not a lot of people that have heard any of Big Country's later output. Until now.


By this time Big Country was basically a non-entity in the States, with their 1991 release "No Place Like Home" not even getting a U.S. release. Overseas, especially England, they still had some chart success. 


"The Buffalo Skinners" contains some songs from the above-mentioned "No Place Like Home" and was released in the U.S. but nobody really cared. There was a surge of a new type of music happening at this time and it's a real shame since this album ROCKS. 


Mostly gone is the E-bow (or the bagpipey geetars). Instead, this album is hard rock with a few exceptions here and there. As usual the lyrics are very political, but that was always a staple with BC. 


Two more studio album followed this release. Sadly, in 2001 leader Stuart Adamson took his own life in a Hawaii hotel room.



The Buffalo Skinners

1. Alone

2. Seven Waves

3. What Are You Working For

4. The One I Love

5. Long Way Home

6. The Selling Of America

7. We're Not In Kansas Anymore

8. Ships

9. All Go Together

10. Winding Wind

11. Pink Marshmallow Moon

12. Chester's Farm



Availability: Remastered with bonus tracks, around $8. 










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All I got to say is DAMN! They're getting finer each week....

You've mentioned this band a lot in the past. And I gotta say that the opening track is real nice! Love the melodic feel to it. The production quality is clearly late late 80s sounds.

Second track is good as well, love te vocals and chorus on this one though I have no idea how far a wave away is. Third song is just ok, I didn't not like it, if that makes sense. I like the guitar work best on it though.

The one I love is predictably a nice slower track and though the e-bow effect is gone, it definitely has that Irish feel to it. All said this is my favorite up to this point.

Next track continues the feel of the first four. This is a nice listen! Weird thing is that podsnack on the iPad is only letting me hear the first 5 tracks, so I gotta come back later and finish this listen.

Notice the 3D?

My work computer is not allowing me to listen to this stuff at work right now, so I may be listening in shifts at home.

1. Alone - I'm really liking this.  The guitar, or as Jon says, the "geetar", is perfect.  It really compliments the song.  And the little bit of backing vocals are working really good for me.  This is an outstanding song.

2. Seven Waves - This isn't bad either.  Maybe not quite up to the previous song and just a bit repetitive, but still well worth listening to.  More nice geetar.

3. What Are You Working For - Once again, a pretty nice song, especially the geetar work.

4. The One I Love - Man, have I mentioned the exceptional geetar work so far.  This is another really good song.  It really sounds like another band that I just can't place.  Who is it?  This would have probably been a hit 10 years earlier.

5. Long Way Home - This album is a lot heavier than I would have ever imagined Big Country to be.  This song is a prime example of that.  I can't stop mentioning the guitars.  They are phenomenal.  Some duel work, which I love.  And the sound or tone is so majestic.  

6. The Selling Of America - Is this a political theme?  Seriously, this should be a hit right now.  This is the halfway point in the album, and this is definitely going on my wish list.

7. We're Not In Kansas Anymore - I'd say this is my least favorite so far, but it's still not bad at all.  Heavy guitars man.  Wow!

Well, it's bedtime, I'll have to finish this later this week.  May not post track by track, but I'll definitely catch the rest of it.  Track 8 has started and it's a ballad, but I'm liking it already.

Okay, I actually finished this up.  The only song that doesn't work well for me is that pink marshmallow song.  Everything else here is terrific.  Jon, this may just be your best post ever.  Outstanding.

Even better than the last one?

Yes, I'm dogging!

I bought a Big Country-album back in '86. "The Seer", I think, it was called. Not bad, but that's the only album, I've heard of them. Maybe I'll get some time, and give this a listen.

I always thought Big Country was a lot better than they were credited. I had "The Crossing", I remember listening to it quite a bit. I also, remember the hideous album cover! You will never see it on a best album cover list & it sure didn't help sales. The local radio staion, BOB FM has been throwing "In A Big Country"  in it's rotation, so I've recently thought about revisiting them. Which makes it ironic,that Jon posted this. The album's Great, so after listening to it, I think I may re-visit the whole catalog! Excellent Post, Jon!!!

On a somber note, such a tragic end for Stuart Adamson. You just never know what drives a person to take their own life.

Found this today at 2nd and Charles for $3.15.  I could not remember if I liked it, I just remembered that you had posted it. Now that I read back over my original reply, I see that I enjoyed it quite a lot.  I'm glad I picked it up.  I see it's 20 bucks new or about 6 bucks used on Amazon, so I'd say I got a deal!


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