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Here we go site, more stuff for me to throw your way!


For this week it's going to be 1984's "Akimbo Alogo" from Kim Mitchell.


To be perfectly honest, I had never heard of tis guy before seeing the "Go For Soda" video so, as I always seem to do, I trekked over to the music store and picked up this album, all for that one song. That's the correct way to buy music that you've no real clue about.


I got sucked in to Kim Mitchell after listening to this album and found tht he was in a band I hd also never heard of before, Max Webster. Maybe because they weren't known that well in the US, or maybe I led a sheltered life and was late to the party. Whatever, I learned who Max Webster and Kim Mitchell were and that was that. 


So we've got some hard rock, funk and melow stuff on this album. To me, a nice summer album, something to crank up when you've cruising around or sitting on your back porch wondering why your neighbors never invite you to their parties. I mean, you're a pretty cool guy, right? Why the constant snubs?



Akimbo Alogo


1. Go For Soda*

2. That's A Man*

3. All We Are

4. Diary For Rock 'N' Roll Men*

5. Love Ties*

6. Feel It Burn*

7. Lager And Ale*

8. Rumour Has It

9. Caroline

10. Called Off


(Note: for those new to the Lost/Forgotten album post, * denotes the song(s) that I dig.)




On the player below with the freshest mystery track (Note 2: I sometimes put something on to annoy certain people. They know who they are.).



Availability: Can be found for $5+ used, new going for around $20.

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I really wish I knew something about music. I have no idea who or what the mystery song is. Listening to Kim Mitchell now.
And the streak continues....
Okay, I like that Jon. The only song I'm familiar with is Go For Soda. Otherwise, I had never heard Kim Mitchell. I really like the chorus on Diary For Rock 'N' Roll Men and the guitar on Feel It Burn. Overall, nice album.
Cool album. I think the first time you posted this I went on Kim Mitchell binge and actually ended up ordering his Greatest Hits form (the canadian version) which cost ne about 35 bucks! Well worth it though...

Mystery Track, Im guessing Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Just because it vocally sounds like the same style and inflections
Wow. 35 bucks? I picked it up about 4 years ago for about 9 bucks, but think you got the remastered version?

I strongly recommend "Itch", (the song "Lemon Wedge" is fun, but is on the greatest hits as well) and his last album, "Ain't Life Amazing" which has never been released in the states even though it came out 3 years ago. Can still get it for about 10 bucks if you look around though.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood? Are you kidding? Why would I put up something from them?

Yeah, it's Frankie Goes To Hollywood.
Not sure if I should feel good about getting that right :-) It was truly a SWAG
Well, at least you made an attempt, not like someone who threw in the towel....won't mention their name though.

And have no fear, next week is from a well known band. Most everybody owns at last one album from them, or should.


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