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Just wondering how many of you...if any, are going to be picking up the new Chickenfoot album...I was given a free preview, and will be listening to it today...and then make up my mind.  What's your thoughts on the first album?


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I liked the first one, but not at first.  It took a few listens for me, but it definitely got better.  I like the first single, Bigfoot.  I'll probably pick it up.
The first one is ok. I did a pre-order on the second so should have it Tues or Wed. I previewed most of the tracks on Amazon and some I did not like, but some I did so I pulled the trigger.
I previewed it on Amazon also, the 30 second sound bytes didnt really impress me much and since I got suckered into buying their first one and am now watching it gather dust in my collection, I will wait for Jon or RJ to post in NMC and see ...
Yeah, it's cool that you can check out new albums, like that. I checked it out in Itunes, and did not like, what I was hearing. Today, I'm gonna check out the new Steve Hackett and the new Wilco.
......and I'm not going to buy neither of them!


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