Classic Rock Bottom

by "I'm likely alone on this one..." Scott

I've been on a terror through heavy metal, harder edged rock and the blues!  For some reason it permeates all I listen to anymore.  So that has lead to some new discoveries, pleasant surprises may be more like it.  Like this supergroup!  Yes that's theeee Stephen Stills and Kenny Wayne Shepherd, and yes I totally missed this!  So its a bit of gap filler and look back in 2016, but better late than never!

The Rides
Pierced Arrow

  1. Kick Out of it
  2. Mr. Policeman
  3. I've Got To Use My Imagination
  4. My Babe

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The Rides--Thumbs Up

Hey, even though this is coming from you, it's darn good. Like KWS and SS so it's gotta be good, right? Yeah, and it just made me think of those popular artists around today and they can't touch stuff like this. Let's see what they're doing 50 years from now. it won't be something like this. Now I'm angry, thinking about the Grammy's and I don't know why considering I didn't even bother watching.'re on a metal kick? Interesting since my next post is going to be some epic metal, so far it's the metal album of the year because it's so......EPIC!!!!

Epic Metal?  Let me clarify my metal kick, it consists of tons of Metallica, Megadeth, Armored Saint, Accept (when O' when will Metal Heart get remastered!!!), old ACDC, and some Black Sabbath...  still havent been able to bridge that into Nu-Metal or that Viking Metal stuff, or DT's music for Ziltoid

I have this "action figure". Not with the head blowing up though.....

Cool movie...

by the way, so glad you liked this, I think both of their albums are really very good, there first effort being better than this one IMHO...  You should check it out as well.

I havent watched the grammys for decades, why start now?

I'll give this one a "Thumbs Mostly Up".

I like Stills too.  I'm not particularly familiar with Sheppard, though I have heard of him.  I believe he has a song called Blue on Black or something like that.  That's a good one.

The guitar playing is out of this world.  Of course, I have no idea who's playing what, but I really dig it.  The vocals are quite good as well.  I'm not really crazy about that last song.  It's not bad and again, the guitar makes it worth listening to, it's just not really my style.  But the other three songs are all fantastic. 

Nice post.

Kenny Wayne is seriously wicked good as they say in the NorthEast...  A blistering geetarist worth review, maybe I'll post a showcase...  maybe!


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