Classic Rock Bottom

by "this worked out perfectly" Jon

Voyager--V (June 2014)

1. Breaking Down

2. Embrace The Limitless

3. The Domination Game

4. It's A Wonder

5. Summer Always Comes Again

Harem Scarem--Thirteen (December 2014)

1. Garden Of Eden

2. Early Warning Signs

3. Whatever It Takes

4. All I Need

5. Never Say Never

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Who's NMC weekend was this?

Let me check.....



Got a problem wid dat?

He's right (finally), he is up.  You get the first offering of 2015.

And I'm kinda looking forward to checking out this Harem Scarem release.

He can go next week, actually. You know, when he's scheduled to go. 

Im out next week...  I'll go first weekend of 2015

You actually have stuff leftover from 2014? For the first time, I am wiped out.

Jackson Browne, Christopher Cross, Neal Morse

Neal Morse's album is good. Especially "Love Shot An Arrow", "Daddy's Daughter" and "Wear The Chains". I'm looking forward to the new "Neal Morse Band"-album coming out in Febuary 2015. In fact 3 albums, that might just end up on my top 10 in about a year, will be released within the first 2-3 months of the new year: Morse, Steven Wilson and The Gentle Storm (Lucassen & Giersbergen).

Totally looking forward to the new Steven Wilson...


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