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This was a great evening for an event.  Clear skies, fairly hot in the late afternoon, but it cooled off nicely with a slight breeze around showtime.  The facility is the Lady Antebellum Amphitheater, which is new.  The only bad thing is that the seating grounds are not inclined.  It's flat, but they really should have inclined it away from the stage, like a normal amphitheater.  The gig started at 6:30 with a local Augusta band opening up.  The band has been around since I spent time in the clubs back in the late 80's and early 90's. They kicked off with some decent original material, but nothing earth shattering.   After about 3 or 4 originals, the vocalist said things were about to get serious, and they busted out a very, very familiar riff to me.  I looked at my longtime buddies Scott Bedgood and Randy Parker and said, "that's Detroit Rock City".  Sure enough, they played it.  And a pretty good cover at that.  Anyway, they finished up their show with a few more covers, then it was time for the main attraction.

So Rick comes out and kicks the show off with a really awesome song called Who Killed Rock n Roll.  I've never heard this song and I don't think he's released it on an album, but he needs to.  It's a killer song.  I had a copy of a recent setlist so I pretty much knew what he would play, but he did make a couple of changes, which was nice.  Rick still has a great voice and a lot of energy.  Did I mention that he's 63 years old?  He came out into the crowd during Don't Talk To Strangers and walked to the back of the VIP section, fist bumping the crowd.  He even climbed up on the scaffolding.  When he finally made it back to the stage, he brought several young girls (ages 3-12) up on stage to sing.  It was really cool.  Even the 3 year old sang.  

All in all, I thought it was a really good show.  And not a bad price, just 25 bucks a person.  I liked the setlist, which is below, but I wish he would have played Alyson from the Living In Oz album.  I'm thoroughly looking forward to his new album this year.  Oh yeah, song number 7 below is a new track from that album.  I liked it.


1. Who Killed Rock n Roll

2. Affair Of The Heart

3. Living In Oz

4. Jet (McCartney cover)

5. I Get Excited

6. Medley: Bop Til Ya Drop/Celebrate Youth/Calling All Girls/Don't Walk Away/State Of The Heart/What Kinda Fool Am I/I've Done Everything For You

7. I Hate Myself

8. Rock Of Life

9. Love Is Alright Tonight

10. Crossroads (Cream version)

11. Don't Talk To Strangers

12. Love Somebody

13. Human Touch

14. Jessie's Girl


15. Wild Thing (Troggs cover)

16. Kristina

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Sounds like a good concert, kind of a bummer he didn't play anything off my favorite album. But then again, might have driven away half the crowd.

I saw Elvis last night. I can't really name the setlist, but it was good. There was Jailhouse Rock and lots of other songs that I know, I just don't know their name. YEAH!

I didn't take my camera with me, I thought about it. I had a good time. It was cold for the night (it is not yet summer in Utah). It was almost 90 on Friday, but it was only 70 (top) yesterday. It cooled down and it was a bit breezy at night. I took a blanket and jacket to the show and purchased the LAST TWO HOT CHOCOLATE drinks! They sold out everything that was mixed!

I know Jessie's Girl from Rick Springfield. Not sure if I know more songs or not. Glad it was fun!


I was the long time buddy at the show with jeff and it really was a good show.  THe man is 63 years old and has not lost his voice...sounds the same as he did in the 80s...I have seen Robert plant on tv and it seems he has lost his voice to me ( live ).  Good mix of songs although souls would have been a good song to hear...Of course, Jessies Girl gets the most reaction, but human touch was really good.  I was very impressed with his band...Very tight and played the songs note for note...All in all a good show at a new venue in the augusta area...Jeff and I saw many shows back in the 80s so it was good to see an act with him again...Funny trivia i remembered during the show...He once lived with Linda Blair the girl from the exorcist...Who later went on to have a thing with Rick James...Crazy aint it??

The Rick Springfield show was great!  Please tell me who the opening band was, I missed the name.  They were great!  I'd love to see them again.

Sorry Merrie, I totally forgot to mention that the opening band was Impulse Ride.



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