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SPECIAL NOTE: I wanted to start moving this forum into the earlier part of the week so that all the other features get their own time and attention as well.  I am thinking a staggered schedule for SHT, NMC, LAOTW, etc...  would benefit everyone.  So this coming on Wednesday this week for #8 and I will try to get to a Monday/Tuesday timeframe going forward.

I'm gonna theme this week because I've been picking at this style of music ever since NMC #4 posted the new Molly Hatchet.  So for your listening pleasure, here are some Southern flavored Hidden Treasures.  Im gonna hesitate to call it outright Southern Rock because some of the bands I am putting up are more southern influenced than can truly claim a Southern Rock heritage.  Let me also address some obvious omissions...  I limit this list to 10 tracks and 10 Distinct bands, so Ive omitted some bands you may think should be here, bands like The Allman Brothers, Mothers Finest, The Outlaws and Blackfoot...  Sorry, maybe they will show up in later editions...


Lets Git-R-Done...


Title: You Got That Right
Band: Lynyrd Skynyrd
Album: Street Survivors
Year: 1977

Its simply a moral imperative that all Southern Music lists start with Skynyrd and its not easy to find a hidden treasure in their catalog either, they are all so good.  This track is not well hidden, but certainly did'nt get the attention it deserved.  Great opening riff, solid beat, strong rhythm and the vocal trade offs are hot!  Classic track by a classic band.


Title: I'm Not Gonna Let it Bother Me Tonight
Band: Atlanta Rhythm Section
Album: Champagne Jam
Year: 1978
(Taken from The Best of...)
I love the slow grinding beat and the lyrics.  ARS is one of those bands that I keep checking for Re-Masters of.  I am lying in wait to buy up their stuff. Just a solid band with great players and song writers.


Title: Twice as Hard
Band: The Black Crowes
Album: Shake Your Moneymaker
Year: 1990

I so love their first album!  But thats about it for the Crowes and me.  This tune kicks butt though, great riff!


Title: Blue On Black
Band: The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band
Album: Trouble Is...
Year: 1997

The next Stevie Ray?  That was he was being called when this came out, but he has yet to take that right.  This track rightly shot him into the spotlight.  The acoustic guitar is wonderfully layered into this and the vocals trigger great lead riffs throughout.


Title: Fire On The Mountain
Band: The Marhsall Tucker Band
Album: Searchin' For a Rainbow
Year: 1975
Got into this band because my older brother listened to them ... alot.  Them moved to the Carolinas in 1998 and reconnected with them.  I love the lyrics in this one.  It may lean more to the rock-country side, but its very well written and really hits home.


Title: If You Wanna Get To Heaven
Band: The Ozark Mountain Daredevils
Album: The Ozark Mountain Daredevils
Year: 1973

(Taken from Best of Ozark Mountain Daredevils)
My sister is into Mountain Man activities, an this band is still huge with that crowd (see Chicken Train on this best of collection if you dare).  This is just a cool song with a great rhythm.


Title: Legend
Band: Poco
Album: Legend
Year: 1978
Probably one of my top 5 bands of all time.  I love them!  This is most likely their hardest rocking track and the one that most resembles Southern Fried Rock and Roll from them.


Title: Ol' 55
Band: The Eagles
Album: On The Border
Year: 1974

(Taken from the Best Of...)

Slowing it down a bit...  The chorus of this must be sang with, if you don't belt out this one when it comes on, then you've never heard it before, and that little problem just got solved....


Title: Fly Away
Band: .38 Special
Album: .38 Special
Year: 1977
Another influence out of my brothers collection.  Before they became Wild Eyed, they were trying to find their way.  Their debut might not have took the world by storm special, but it was'nt bad either.  It probably sounded to much like Skynyrd, but since when was that a bad thing, especially if your last name is Van Zant?


Title: Fall Of The Peacemakers
Band: Molly Hatchet
Album: No Guts...No Glory
Year: 1983

This is the tune that spawned the idea for this list, so its the last one, representing the encore (Get your Bics out).  I love Danny Joe Browns vocals and the guitars are classic Southern Shredding!  The structure of the tune is also perfect, nice slow intro, emotional lyrics that launch you into a blazing solo to close it out!  YES!!!


Y'all come back now...




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Great playlist from top to bottom Scott. I haven't heard the Ozark Mountain Daredevils song in years. My sister used to have a plain blue, home made 8 track tape with this song on it and I loved it.
I kinda figured a Georgia man might appreciate a few of these tunes. Thanks RJ!
You are right on the money dude. This is my favorite SHT so far. I have heard the majority of these songs, but I still listened to the playlist at midnight last night while feeding my newborn. Here's what I think:

Skynyrd - Awesome song from an awesome album. Street survivors needs to be AOTW soon.

ARS - Love this song, my second fav. ARS song (first is Imaginary Lover). What a smooth sound this band has.

Crowes - Again an excellent song. Chris Robinson is a superb vocalist. My fav. Crowes song would be Jealous Again, but this one is right up there. Just bought Croweology.

Sheppard - I don't know his work, but I have heard this song and I really dig it. I wouldn't mind seeing him on SHT again soon.

Marshall Tucker Band - One of their biggest hits. Great song and fun to sing in the car.

Ozark Mtn. Daredevils - see comment above.

Poco - This is the point in the playlist that I'm less familiar with. This is my first time hearing this song, but I do really like it. Also, I really dig that simple but powerful artwork on that album cover.

Eagles - Wow. I've heard this, but not really given it much thought, but what a great song. The Eagles are definitely top 2 all time vocal bands (neck and neck with CSN&Y). Trade off vocals from Henley/Frey are right behind Simmons/Stanley for my all time favorite (I think the former are actually better vocalists all together, but the latter will always be my favorite).

.38 Special - Great Southern Rock band here. Unfortunately for me, I only know the hits. I just bought Strength In Numbers, so maybe I can remedy that a bit. This song definitely has the southern feel. I like it.

Molly Hatchet - I've heard this before, but like the Eagles tune, not given it much attention. That needs to change. This may well be their best song, but I do really like their cover of The Allman Brothers Band's song "Dreams I'll Never See". I only have their greatest hits, but I'd bet this is on there. I'll have to check it out.

Again, outstanding playlist Scott.
I agree, that SHT, AOTW and so on, should'nt be at the same time. Too much "information". From now on, I will try to add a new VOTW on friday (or thursday if I'm busy on the friday).
Thanks Niels. I just thought it woudl be best if all the features had there time in the sun (so to speak), that way were not all bombarbed with all the new posts at one time and we get to digest all the great stuff thats being posted out here...
Good stuff...nice pick with "Fall Of The Peacemakers", my favorite Molly Hatchet song.
Maybe you know this allready, but "'Ol 55" was written by Tom Waits, and you can find his own version on his debut-album "Closing Time" from 1973.

I agree, Jon, "Fall of the peacemakers" is GREAT.

Great music, Scott.


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