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The new Cassette Chronicles article this week takes a look at the Banshee album Race Against Time. You can check out the article via this Limelight link.

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Heard of the band but not their music, and it's funny how I got to know about them.

I was inquiring about another, also obscure Hair Metal band and someone told me they sound like Banshee. "Like Siouxsie And The Banshees?" I asked surprised to hear the answer, but I was corrected to Banshee "only". (Can't remember the other band I was wondering about, though).

Anyway, since then I forgot about Banshee. If I would have ever come across their CD, I would have at least found out more about their music, but since I never saw this or any other album released by them, I didn't. Until now. Spotify has the album (as well as few others from their catalog) and I do agree with your assessment. Those two Instrumental tracks should only be used in an example of what gives Instrumental music a bad name. Complete waste of recording time and master tapes. The ballad is also atrocious. My ears snapped out of earcanals, kind of atrocious. The rest is pretty good. May I dare say, above average (in the league of obscure Hair Metal bands, of course)???

Yngve, yes it was a pretty damn good album.

I sent the link to the band's FB page and they got back to me to say thanks AND then said to let them know if I wanted to review their newer material or do interviews.


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