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1981 was a terrific year for rock music.  Name your personal Top 5 from that year.  Mine are:

5. Get Lucky - Loverboy

4. Freeze-Frame - The J. Geils Band

3. Modern Times - Jefferson Starship

2. Fair Warning - Van Halen

1. Escape - Journey

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5. Point Of Entry - Judas Priest
4. Killers - Iron Maiden
3. Fair Warning - Van Halen
2. Fire Down Under - Riot
1. High'n'Dry - Def Leppard

wow, I just started looking at what I have from 81 and what was released.  Strong year, I need to put some thought into this one.

Also learned that the following bands disbanded in 1981...  (Sorry but this may be devastating to Jon)

  • The Knack
  • Bay City Rollers
  • Starland Vocal Band

Yeah, it was a sickening strong year. So many I left off my list. Wait, what? Starland Vocal Band broke up in '81??????

1 - Moving Pictures - Rush
2 - Fair Warning - Van Halen
3 - High 'N Dry - Def Leppard
4 - Escape - Journey
5 - Allied Forces - Triumph

5. Billy Squier--Don't Say No

4. Def Leppard--High 'n' Dry

3. Blue Oyster Cult--Fire Of Unknown Origin

2. Van Halen--Fair Warning

1. Rush--Moving Pictures

Hey's me again...slowly creeping back...

Top 5 eh? ask for 5 and I wish it was 10. Ask for 10 and I'd wish it was 20 etc.

Here goes...

1. Ozzy - Diary of a Madman

2. Sabbath - Mob Rules

3.Motley Crue - Too Fast For Love

4.Iron Maiden - Killers

5.Aldo Nova - Aldo Nova

I had a hard time leaving The Crue off of my list (Def Leppard too).

I had a hard time with many albums as well...  Killers was tough to leave off for me!

I had at least 5 others that would easily have fit in. But i was just trying to recall which ones got paid the most attention from me personally back then.

Mob Rules was teetering at the 5th spot for me, I had to give it a solid 6 though. Don't Say No has way too many memories for me not to include.

1.Saxon-Denim and Leather

2.Stevie Nicks-Belladonna

3.Ozzy Osbourne-Diary of a Madman

4.King Crimson-Discipline

5.The Human League-Dare

I had Saxon down at first, then I remembered Mob Rules came out that year too and I still listen to it almost every day.


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