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There have been lots of great duos in rock history, but who was the best? Who had the best one, two punch in the business? There are a handful of names that come to mind, some classic & iconic, some just good! We've all got our favorites, let's put 'em out there & let CRB majority rule!


5. Paul Stanley / Gene Simmons

4. Steven Tyler / Joe Perry

3. David Lee Roth / Eddie Van Halen

2. Freddie Mercury / Brian May

1. Steve Perry / Neal Schon


I know, I've made some serious omissions! Help me out & give me your list!

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Yes it's a subliminal message that slash/rose don't belong on this list


5. Buckingham/Nicks
4. John/Taupin
3. Tyler/Perry
2. Page/Plant
1. Lennon/McCartney

A good list, Scott.

5. Mercury/May

4. Daltrey/Townsend

3. Plant/Page

2. Jagger/Richards

1. Lennon/McCartney 

5. Buckingham/Nicks

4. Stanley/Simmons

3. Perry/Schon

2. Tyler/Perry

1. Mercury/May

1 - Lennon/McCartney

2 - Page/Plant

3 - Iommi/Butler (not Ozzy!! )

4 - Schenker/Mogg (even though they never got along that well)

5 - Nugent/St. Holmes (saw them last night, and it was an outstanding show)

You've got an opinion, so voice it! Get your top 5 list in for the best duo in rock.

Gonna' update my list. After rethinking this, I don't think DLR/EVH really belong, so here goes.

5. Paul Stanley / Gene Simmons

4. Steven Tyler /Joe Perry

3. Mick Jagger / Keith Richards

2. Freddie Mercury / Brian May

1. Steve Perry / Neal Schon

Final Results:

5. (Tie) Paul Stanley/Gene Simmmons & Mick Jagger/Keith Richards               33 pts.

4. Freddie Mercury/Brian May                                                                        34 pts.

3. Steven Tyler/Joe Perry                                                                                36 pts.

2. John Lennon/Paul McCartney                                                                      53 pts.

1. Robert Plant/Jimmy Page                                                                           64 pts.

How are Lennon/McCartney not number one?  Should we check this math?

Thanks, to everyone who voted! I think all the finalist are well deserving. There were several great mentions that didn't make the top 5. Including my personal favorite, Steve Perry/Neal Schon, but there were others.

I love the David Gilmore/Roger Waters mention by Jon.

The Lindsey Buckingham/Stevie Nicks mention by Scott was an excellent one. 

Roger Daltrey/Pete Townsend, by Niels & Randy 

James Hetfield/Lars Ulrich, Elton John/Bernie Taupin, etc.

All were great mentions, but I think CRB got the top 5 right.


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