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What is the best collection of talent to ever come together & form a band? This catagory's not about who was the most sucessful or who's the most popular, it's about talented musicians & which band had the best collection of them. So quite simply, vocals aside, name the bands that could flat out play?


1. No All-Star or Reunion Bands.

2. The musicians had to have recorded together at some point, during the bands career. Not looking for the band that had the most talented musicians pass through, during the course of it's career.

Here's My Stab:

5. Iron Maiden

4. Toto

3. Led Zepplin

2. Dream Theater

1. Rush

Anyone Else, Dare To Take Theirs?

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Agree about The Beatles. The only REALLY good on an instrument in Beatles was Paul (and yes, he was even better on drums than Ringo ). George DID turn into a very good guitarist (slide?) later on, but not really while he was in The Beatles. Lennon was terrible on guitar!!

And I most certainly agree about Rush. The only reason, I sometimes get enough of listening to Rush is Geddy Lee's vocals.

I actually don't think Alex is a great drummer. He is a good drummer, but he doesn't do anything special. Michael Anthony was a good bass player but musicially he played pretty basic riffs, his background vocals on the other hand were spectactular.

I've read a lot on that Eddie actually recorded most of the VH bass tracks.

I appreciate your list Gordon! I love seeing the different opinions & takes on these various topics. Honestly, the only Mr. Big song I know, is their one hit. You being that high on them has peaked my interest to give them a closer listen. I love Van Halen & Eddie is my favorite guitar player of all time, I just don't think his supporting cast is good enough to make the Top 5 in this catagory. Extreme, I know a little better than Mr. Big. I agree, Nuno is an excellent guitarist, I'm not as familiar with the other musicians in the band, but I like the pick.

I completely understand & agree with your argument about the voice being an instrument! There are some incredibly, amazing voices in rock & if I included voice, I know these lists would look a whole lot differently! That's just not what I was looking for with this catagory. So, based on musicianhip, I wouldn't have chosen the Beatles, but you did & that's perfectly fine.


It's difficult, but I continue to try to not read everybody's responses until I post mine.  You know, I don't wanna have my choices influenced by others.  Anyway:


5. Led Zeppelin

4. The Jimi Hendrix Experience

3. Lynyrd Skynyrd (you read it right)

2. Rush

1. Queen


I had to edit my earlier reply.  I forgot The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

Okay, let's try The Who against Queen:

Guitarist : Brian May (Okay, he's a better guitarist than Townshend, but not a better and more talented musician, IMO)

Drummer: Keith Moon (don't you agree?)

Bass: John Entwistle (Don't you agree?)

Why is it, that Queen is more talented than The Who? And than anyone else. The most talented in Queen was Mercury, but no-no singers here!!

I only agree on John Entwistle.  He's the best ever for me.


Roger Taylor is a fantastic drummer.  I have no problem picking him over Moon.


The kicker is that for me (my opinion only), Brian May kills Townshend on guitar.  It's not even close.  The other things you mentioned for Townshend don't count except for piano playing, and I would think Freddie Mercury could play piano as well as Townshend.

I have to say, I don't agree: Townshend plays his guitar in a different way. He's not good at solo's, but neither is Jimmy Page, and as musicians I'll take Townshend and Page over May any day as a talented musician . You or anybody else on CRB might not agree, but that's my opinion. 

Lennon was not terrible on guitar...not at all. He did not play any lead, but he used what I would say was different chording structures quite a lot. He was good at "fleshing out" guitar chords, by adding a finger to a fret, here and there, that a standard chord would not call for.

And honestly, I basically ignored the "no vocals" part of this list. Because singing well is just as important as playing well...and voices are "instruments of music".

Gordon is right, the Beatles deserve to be listed. Of any band/musician they understood how it all worked together.

Moon better than Taylor? I will have to disagree, Moon was a messy drummer.

Tayler is an average drummer 

Ha ha ha we will NEVER agree, and thank god for that.


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