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Top Five Vastly Underrated Bands Debate for Fourth and Fifth Place (Bonus)

Wow, one thing was evident in our Top 5 Vastly Underrated Thread; there was no clear cut winner! It goes to show that underrated sometimes is subjective. As I stated in the previous thread, we all agree Thin Lizzy, UFO, and Nazareth were underrated but did have some success and still get some radio airplay.

We had a four way tie for the fourth and fifth spots on our list, so here is what we must do. You are to pick two bands from the list that you think should make the Top 5. You will label your two picks:

Fourth Place Pick

Fifth Place Pick


The Fourth Place Pick will receive Three Points and the Fifth Place Pick will receive 1 Point for the tier breaker round. If we still have a tie after a few days, we will revote. Here are the four bands battling:




Midnight Oil


During the next few days, we can debate these bands, so feel free to make changes if needed before final voting.


My picks (At least for now) are:

Fourth Place Band: Saga

Fifth Place Band:Midnight Oil

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4. Saga

5. Midnight Oil

Fourth place: The Smithereens


Fifth place: Europe

Just had to be different different didn't you RJ? lol

I'll go with SAGA on either fourth or fifth place, but none of the other bands deserves to be on this list IMO, so they won't get my vote.

4th place: Saga

5th place: Europe

4. Smithereens (don't think they're underrated though, they had quite a few songs played on the radio)

5. Saga (by default since Midnight Oil is/was pretty big down under. And Europe? Guess they can be deemed underrated outside of that Final Countdown crap)

Now, if it was someone like, say, WIshbone Ash, I would have no problem and would have no default. Just sayin'.

The problem with the category, is if the band's underrated, then a lot of people's never heard of them & they are not very popular. Therefore, we probably should have inverted the results in this category, making the bands with the least amount of votes, the most underrated. Technically, that would be correct, right?

Considering  "Global Success" is easier said than done. I consider Midnight Oil, extremely underrated in the US, but someone in Australia or possibly Europe, may have a totally different perspective. RJ consider's Europe very underrated in the US, but Niels views them, as very popular in Europe. As open minded, as we would like to be, it's hard to visualize their popularity in other countries.

There are also, difference of opinions in the same country. While I love the Smithereens & think they're great, I just don't see them, as being underrated & Jon agrees. RJ sees them as geing very underrated & made them his top pick & Scandal felt they were underrated enough to leave them up for consideration.

There were a lot of bands listed & I'm sure we all had bands, that we felt strongly about, that didn't make the finals. I think, all the Top 5 lists have turned out well, so far. I know, the final list isn't going to be one, that anyone of us would put together individually, but hopefully it will be one that we can all collectively embrace.

well stated!  and agreed...

4. Midnight Oil

5. Europe

4. Saga

5. Midnight Oil

4. Smithereens

To be honest, I've never heard of the other three. So, to be fair, I'm omitting my vote for the 5th spot. 

Alright the winner for fourth place was Saga and the Smithereens came in fifth place. I want to apologize to the members. I thought this was a great category when I came up with it, but realized it was too broad of a category.


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