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Alright, admittedly this show is inspired by the wonderful Seinfeld television program.
There will be some sound bites from it.
And that picture above perfectly illustrates nothing- if you can make something out of it, you are better than me.
One interesting thing, while picking out songs for this show I discovered there are a lot of them written about people who have Nothing To Say.
I'll play some.
Other than that, I have NOTHING more to write!

Here's the link to some fun with music, at WLSO.FM:

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Comment by Mike Pell on October 9, 2011 at 12:01am

Got it RJ,



Comment by RJhog (Admin) on October 7, 2011 at 7:19am
Check your inbox for Keith Whitley.
Comment by Mike Pell on October 5, 2011 at 2:12am
GREAT opening line, LOL!
You wrote SOMETHING about NOTHING?
I know you love Seinfeld, and I remember saying if I did the Nothing it would be different.
Yours was very thought out with the plots, an excellent, intelligent job- your best ever I felt!
It was the funniest sitcom, and we do have the reruns and Curb Your Enthusiasm (Larry does get himself in some deep crap, lol!).
For the most part I hope they don't do a reunion- that usually turns out lame, and they don't even look the same now.
But if they did I would watch.
That was a great move, the show within a show is probably how I should have said it in that opening chapter.
We are on the same wavelength brother, because I too laughed out loud playing the clip with George being called a writer now, and he says what writer?'s a sitcom!
I caught the inside joke of the line.
I've been thinking of doing this for years, and I knew Jethro Tull would be my opening, so I could say that doing a show on Nothing is easy, lol!
Your favorite from the show was The Kinks tune, well I am turning you into a Kinks freak.
My favorite was Too Much Of Nothing because I remember that time way back- it was a Dylan song, but it was being done by Peter, Paul & Mary, not much of a hit, so it was almost a secret because no one had ever heard his version (and wouldn't for another 8 years), but that was not uncommon with Bob and his songs back then.
Plus the damned thing rocked and was catchy- Dylan songs are many things, but not always catchy, lol!
So Keith Whitley's version is the definitive one for ?
I never heard it, you can't have them all.
If you have it and can send it, that would be nice.
Glad you liked the first part, there is another half.
And as I did the 2nd half of this show, the ideas kept coming, so although I haven't recorded it yet, there will be another 2 parts next week...of NOTHING.
Thanks for writing and listening buddy, looks like I will keep 'em coming for a bit,
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on October 4, 2011 at 11:40am


I really probably should write nothing here...


Seriously, you know I love Seinfeld.  I will totally agree with you that it was absolutely the funnies sitcom ever!  Too bad it's reruns from here on out.  However, Curb Your Enthusiasm has it's Seinfeld monents, and the reruns still make me laugh.


I love the first clip.  One of the great things is how the show folded back on itself.  What other show could get away with an episode, actually quite a few episodes, about itself?  And it wasn't afraid to make fun of itself, hence the line about George being a writer now, and he says what writer, it's a sitcom.


The Jethro Tull song was cool.  And great thinking to do songs about nothing.


My favorite from the show was The Kinks tune.  How cool was that guitar that kept playing in my left ear bud? 


Finally, I like the Allison Krause tune.  She has such a soft, sweet voice.  But if you want the real deal, you should check out Keith Whitley's version.  That one is definitive in my book.


Great show, keep 'em coming...

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