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My review of the Adrenaline Rush CD Soul Survivor can be seen via this link.

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This one sounded off to me from the beginning. I have the first album and I really liked it. Then the news about the personnel change started circling around the net and now you say one guy (who's not even credited as a band member) played ALL the instruments? Frontier should really cut out this sh*t. The first album was performed entirely by Erik Martensson, who did a good job and I was hoping the band will take it over from there, but instead it's almost like Milli Vanilli story all over again, at least for the "BAND" part on the album.

That being said, i liked the "Adrenaline" and "Don't Wake Me Up" even though Tave's voice went down the gutter, but I won't buy it.

Fredrick Folkare isn't a band member but from what you are saying, he did basically what Erik Martensson did on the first album.

The band does play with Tave for the live shows they've done, but yes, I would prefer they have at least played the album.

I think it is probably futile for us to hope Frontiers will stop this crap with having people not actively involved in the music's creation because it seems to be a model that has worked for them.

Good review TR.  I think I'm in the same camp with Scott on the Frontiers releases...Not interested.

Thanks for reading!


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