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This week's Album of the Week comes to us by way of 1982.  It's Rio by Duran Duran.  Do you consider Duran Duran a classic rock band?  Probably more like classic pop.  But that's okay with me, I liked pop music back then. And for me, this is a pretty good album, front to back.  

Rio was Duran Duran's second studio album.  It did pretty well commercially, rising as high as number 6 in the U.S. and eventually being certified Double Platinum.  Three singles charted in the United States.  Those were Hungry Like The Wolf (#3), Rio (#14) and Save A Prayer (#16).  Of those, the title track is one of my favorite DD tunes.  But I really like Save A Prayer as well.  Funny thing is, I don't really remember that song from back then.  I remember the other 2 singles vividly, but not that one.  I could have sworn it was released later in their career, but that just shows you how little I know and/or remember.  The album also features some pretty cool album cuts. If you've never heard it in it's entirety, now is the time.  However, you should at least check out Lonely In Your Nightmare, Last Chance on the Stairway and The Chauffeur.

As far as the clue given on Facebook, the three pictures were Rio de Janeiro, the Rio Grande river, and Goose, who happened to be a R.I.O. (Radar Intercept Officer).  It was obviously too easy this week, as at least 3 folks got it.  Oh well, if you don't own the album, pick it up on Amazon, the 2 CD version, for less than 15 dollars.


1. Rio

2. My Own Way

3. Lonely In Your Nightmare

4. Hungry Like The Wolf

5. Hold Back The Rain

6. New Religion

7. Last Chance on the Stairway

8. Save A Prayer

9. The Chauffeur



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Though I've never owned a Duran Duran album, I do really like the song Girls on Film, but the love of it may have developed over time from mass viewings of the video that accompanied it...

I remember that video, as one of the first "MTV-videos" (though I didn't had MTV until the mid-90's on my own TV), from..when was it? 1980-81?!

I'll say this: Save your prayer is one of two very good songs by this band. The other one is "Ordinary World" from 1992-93.

Have I listened to RIO?

Never. (Well, not until now.)

Have I heard it?

Just about a million times.

You guys over the pond are lucky for this album only produced 3 charting songs. In the old country, the whole album was pushed by the DJ's day and night, in every possible media there was. So much so, that me and my headbanger buddies made a solemn pact to consume the overexposed "mascara poser" music in a minimum dosage. Beside Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet the list also included Kajagoogoo.

If it's any consolation, I often like to use Duran Duran as a fine example of a true ugly duckling story, because of Andy Taylor's career... outside of Duran Duran. His solo work, his involvement with Power Station and production skills on the Thunder albums, it's all good.

Save A Prayer has this potential to be covered in Heavy Metal style and perhaps even sound good too. I give you that, for sure.

Love Thunder,

It's one of those albums I would take with me on a deserted Island.

I finally listened to this album a few months ago since it was free thru Amazon and didn't like it outside of a couple songs. Now I like it better, but not enough to purchase. At least I don't think so.

Back then I wouldn't even think pf purchasing a DD album because they were, well, DD. But I did like Andy Taylor after his work with Rod Stewart, Power Station and solo and wondered why his geetaring isn't that pronounced here. It's there but it's almost overshadowed by the keyboards and from other songs after this album it was the same. 

The first DD album I ever bought was The Wedding Album and it's pretty darn good. It rocks quite a bit compared to this and Andy Taylor is not even in the band. I also got their covers album which most everyone hates, but I get a kick out of it. Their recent stuff doesn't really do anything for me. Oh, well.

Boss, you may be the only person on here that owns this!

One of the original Mtv darlings!  I mean once they cleaned up their videos and decided they couldn't make Girls on Film part II, III, and whatever roman numerals come next.  So offensive!!  Instead we got to hear, I mean see, the band in Rio and on some boat, running through jungles and stuff like that, so much better than say ... Girls on Film.

Can't say that the title track does anything for me, still.  Not my fave.  Gotta say Im not a huge fan of the vocalist, his voice is not that great!  Never really noticed when I was watching Girls On Film, but now that I have to listen, well, its different.  

Hungry Like The Wolf is actually pretty good, I have never not liked this song.  It makes me think of Farrah Fawcett, you knwo she was a Girl on Film, in that burning beds movie. Cant recall what really stood out for me but its a fine mamory, I mean memory...

You know I really like Save A Prayer as well, though I cant really connect it with Girls On Film, its does seem to be a fine tune.  The closer is a groaner though.

Better than I expected though reading back through this may make you think differently, its not terrible really.  Still not a purchase though....


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