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Can you believe it?  This is the 400th post in the Album of the Week forum.  I think that's pretty impressive, but I'm looking at number 500 and thinking of a whole bunch more albums to post.  So the 400th post goes to Huey Lewis & The News and their 1986 album Fore!  Of course, Fore! was the follow-up to the smash Sports. 

Fore! turned out to be the second of two strait number one albums for the band as well as the second consecutive multi-platinum album, though it sold considerably less (Triple Platinum) than Sports (7 x Platinum).  Stuck With You and Jacob's Ladder were number one hits for the band, with the latter being the last of three number one's that the band scored in their career.  But that's not all, there were three more Top 10 hits in the US: Hip To Be Square (#3), Doing It All For My Baby (#6) and I Know What I Like (#9).  That's some major chart action right there.

I'm sure you've heard all of these songs.  They are still played very regularly on classic rock or classic Top 40 radio.  But the big question is, do you own it?  If not, it's less than 7 dollars on Amazon.  I certainly recommend that you own this album (Sports too).

Did You Know? The song Jacob's Ladder was written by Bruce and John Hornsby.  And, the European and Japanese versions of the CD added The Power Of Love from the Back To The Future soundtrack, which added yet another number one song to the tracklist.


1. Jacob's Ladder

2. Stuck With You

3. Whole Lotta Lovin'

4. Doing It All For My Baby

5. Hip To Be Square

6. I Know What I Like

7. I Never Walk Alone

8. Forrest For The Trees

9. Naturally

10. Simple As That

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Don't forget all those fooseball players that did backup singing on song #5. Back then I might have cared a little bit but nowadays I don't care all all because sportsfootsieball is quite boring and holds none of my interest at all.

Anyway, I really like this album. It kind of tapers off to background music with the last couple of tracks, they weren't familiar at all yet I've heard this album many, many times. So, that's a bit weird. Even though a song or two is quite sappy (ahem, #2), it's still a fun listen. Almost as good as Sports, but those last two tracks.....

I have a greatest hits collection for the band, but don't own either Sports or Fore! separately. I have a cheap copy of both on CD on my watch list on eBay but haven't pulled the trigger on buying them yet.

That said, I LOVED the hits from this album. Though I must say that I don't remember "I Know What I Like" at all.

And you are right, these songs get played on "classic" Top 40 radio stations all the time.

I'm probably going to have to get myself a copy of this soon.

Sports and Fore! are must have's in my opinion.

I might be able to get a cassette copy of Fore! soon. The record shop friend of mine just bought 5,000 cassettes and of the ones he put up for sale already, this is one of them. I wasn't able to get it on my visit today but hopefully soon.


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