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This week's CRB Album of the Week is the follow up to my favorite John Mellencamp album and the mega-successful Scarecrow.  That would be 1987's The Lonesome Jubilee.  This album performed very well in it's own right by obtaining a Triple Platinum certification from the RIAA.  It climbed as high as number 6 on the US album chart.  The album also featured three Top 20 singles (Paper In Fire #9, Cherry Bomb #8 and Check It Out #14).  Those are certainly good stats.

According to Mellencamp, the album was originally conceived as a double album, but ten or so of the songs suffered from a lack of cohesion so that idea was scrapped.

The album is still available.  You can find a new copy on Amazon for $14.99.  I don't usually do so, but I included the bonus track from the 2005 reissue.


1. Paper In Fire

2. Down And Out In Paradise

3. Check It Out

4. The Real Life

5. Cherry Bomb

6. We Are The People

7. Empty Hands

8. Hard Times For An Honest Man

9. Hotdogs And Hamburgers

10. Rooty Toot Toot

11. Blues From The Front Porch (Bonus Track)

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I love this album and it was one of the few that I had in my collection BEFORE deciding to add more Mellencamp discs. I am surprised that there were only 3 hits from the album though. I could've sworn there were more. I haven't checked out the bonus track so I'll have to do that soon.

Nope, never picked this up. Had American Fool when it came out, didn't like it so swore off JCM, JC, JM or whatever he decided to name himself. The Uh Huh came out and I liked some of the tracks I heard and picked it up and it's my favorite J album. Have Scarecrow, took me awhile to pick that one up and I enjoy it. Now that I hear this, I dig this one as well, so might probably pick this up eventually, just to add something more to the ole collection. Have some other J album, don't know which one though and, as usual, am too lazy too look. 

You really are lazy...according to Connie.

As overplayed as American Fool was/is it never turned me off to "Johnny Cougar-John Cougar-John Cougar Mellencamp- John Mellencamp".  In fact my introduction to his music was kind of a long one, as in his version of I Need A Lover, man that intro was long! (See what i did there?) but I had already owned Pat Benatar's debut album with her cover of this track on it as well so when Cougars original hit the American Top 40 I listened up.  All that to say his 1979 self titled album is really quite good, not Lonesome Jubilee good or Uh-Huh good but a real fine listen and better than American Fool possibly!  I'd say Check It Out! (See what I did there to?)

I love Cherry Bomb though and the album as a whole is pretty darn good..  Still I'd put it well behind Uh-Huh, and Scarecrow...  And then it becomes a jumbled mess of a few albums...

Fun listen though!


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