Classic Rock Bottom

Who? Romeo's Daughter

When? 1993

Album Title? Delectable Review? Nope

I only like albums in the 45-46 minute range. How long is this? 45:35

How about a small bio from Amazon? I guess, but this is the last question I'm going to answer


1980's Romeo's Daughter were, undoubtedly, viewed as the great white hope; they were the saviours of the scene, the band most likely to succeed. And let's face it they had it all; an astonishing lead vocalist, killer musicianship, superbly crafted songs and a dedicated label. What could go wrong? Sadly this story didn't have a fairy tale ending. The band's debut album was produced by Robert 'Mutt' Lange (Def Leppard, Foreigner ect), and received a tidal wave of accolades setting them up for album #2. But in an effort to work with Lange second time around the band put their career on ice, biding time until the great man was once again available. Time, however, waits for no man, and, after enduring a prolonged hiatus, the band ended up label less with little prospect of Lange returning to the fold.


1. Have Mercy
2. Attracted To The Animal
3. Nobody Like You
4. Nothing But Love
5. God Only Knows
6. Ready Or Not
7. Treat Me Like A Lady
8. Sugar Daddy
9. Dream In Colour
10. Dancing Slow

Availability: Around $14 new, also includes a bonus track (as usual, not included here).

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This is why Mutt was unavailable...

He was lost in the mountains?

Exactly...  both of them!

I've been picking at this the last couple days...  The riffs are here, the booming production is great but the songs don't really have that grab at you catchiness.  And for whatever reason there is that tinny snare drum that 90's producers loved so much, but I didn't...  Maybe Mutts ,ahem, distraction began during the making of this album?  His typical elevating of a band doesn't seems to be here.  Oddly, the one song that I really liked was the short and sweet Sugar Daddy.  I'll admit to being very picky about female leads or rock and roll bands, they do have to be special to work well.  Janis, Ann, Pat, Patty Smyth have that quality (Im sure I missed a couple more), her vocals seem breathy.  Maybe a second chance would have produced the changes the band needed to really connect, maybe once Mutt scaled those mountains a few thousands times he could concentrate enough to really elevate them, who knows...  This is good, but it never rises to better than that.

Lange wasn't involved with this album.

Ah....  Now I get it. 

I have this one as well, but unlike their first album that I've listened to a lot and already picked my favorites, this one is still on my Later pile. I could go and grab the CD from the pile and listen to it on my stereo, but that would be too much work I'm not fully committed to invest my time in right now, so I'll go with the path of least resistance and listen to it here.

First track I like. Great opener. Attracted To The Animal. I know this song. Definitely a keeper. Was it a hit? Did someone else covered it? Or perhaps they covered somebody? Very Heart-ish sounding. I wouldn't have all these questions if I went with listening to my CD. All the answers, would be at my fingertips. Oh wait. The answers are at my fingertip, if I only knew how to use the internet. Nah, too much work. You can't teach the old dog new tricks. I'll just rip it from the CD and put it on my shuffle. Yes, that's what I'll do. And yes, I'm typing all this as I'm listening to the song, which means I'm thinking out loud, even though my lips are sealed. I have to wrap it up, because the song is fading away. Third track, meh. 4th be with you, because I'm with 4th. 5, is full of no-no's. Why Scott isn't typing his replies in color? It's like watching a black and white TV all over again. Maybe he got distracted by the mountains. Wait, I just noticed, there are really mountains in the background. Nice. Believe it or not Mutt did come off those mountains, and went for a valley for all the travesty, that ain't especially pretty nor special in any way for that matter. Except for being a good friend with the aforementioned mountains. Maybe he wasn't allowed to climb the mountain anymore, or it became an exhausting task for him. You know, star producers age just like the rest of us. I guess he was rather to walk the valley than climb the mountains.

Back to Romeo's Daughter and 6 to 9. (Pronounced sixtynine) Speaking of which, I wish 9 was 6.

10. Dancing Slow is more like dying slowly. Torture at every level. Kind of like Mutt trying to climb those mountains at 60.

Two Romeo's Daughters are behind us and suddenly I have a craving for Shakespears Sister. Just want to keep it in the family, that's all. No valley's here. If you can't climb the mountains, run for the hills.

The band name sounds somewhat familiar, but I'm not sure.  Maybe I've heard of 'em, maybe I haven't. But from the beginning til the end, it sounds very formulaic for the times.  Fast songs, ballads.  The singer certainly has a fine voice, but I just can't find anything here that stands out or makes me want to hear this again.

God Only Knows sounds like it was written specifically for Def Leppard.  I think it would probably have been better by Def Leppard, I also think it would still have been a cheesy attempt at a hit power ballad.

Then we get to Treat Me Like A Lady.  This sounds like Space Elevator.  The song isn't particularly great or even good for that matter, but it really sounds like The Duchess.  So they do get a few points for that. But other than that slight highlight, the rest just drags slowly to conclusion.

This one is probably okay to stay missing or lost.


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