Classic Rock Bottom

Who? Various artists

When? 1979

Was this a movie? "The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" might be a clue.

Gosh, I don't like instrumentals. Not a question. 

I have that Eagles album with that Joe Walsh song, so why do I need this? Well, there's more than Joe Walsh here and you don't have this version of that song on that Eagles album. review? Yes.

Shot on location in and around New York City's grimy nighttime subways and flaunting a virile cast of unknowns, The Warriors remains a '70s cult favorite, featuring violent gang warfare and a perfectly matched movie score. Barry de Vorzon's bone-chilling compositions envelop hard rock and sub-disco funk with a gritty apocalyptic urge. Conjuring strange film images, "Theme from The Warriors," "The Fight," and "Baseball Furies Chase" are testosterone-laden instrumentals, combining sinister guitars and plodding drum work peppered with creepy-sounding keyboards. Adding laid-back soul texture is a smooth Mandrill rarity, "Echoes in My Mind," highlighting solid basslines popping over funky horns and catchy vocals. "In Havana," performed by Kenny Vance with Ismael Miranda, boasts deep-cut ethnic spicing and seamy horn work dressed in easy rhythms. Memorable audio clips from the mysterious female DJ informing rival gang factions of brutal clashes are placed between tracks, as well as the infamous battle cry "Warriors...come out to play-aay!" -- complete with clacking beer bottles. The film's exhausting conclusion is forever cemented to Joe Walsh's desperate survival anthem "In the City," as our heroes walk triumphantly into a dreary Coney Island sunrise. This dark slice of pop culture was available only on vinyl sources until 1995, when Polygram International released an import version on compact disc.

The Warriors

1. Theme From "The Warriors"
2. Nowhere To Run
3. In Havana
4. Echoes In My Mind
5. The Fight
6. In The City
7. Love Is A Fire
8. Baseball Furies Chase
9. You're Movin' Too Slow
10. Last Of An Ancient Breed

Availability: Around $10 new or used.

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So we can post Various Artists? Say no more.

I remember this film. Seen it few times when it came out in '79, because back then if you liked a movie you better have watched it few times in theaters for TV stations wouldn't air it in the same century anyway.

However, the movie was before the time I actually started paying attention to the music in them. I can't remember it. That being said, it was another Walter Hill vehicle that made me realize the two media can compliment each other. I'm talking about Streets Of Fire, probably the first Soundtrack CD I bought. Of course it would have been yet another Walter Hill soundtrack (Crossroads) if I didn't got the cassette before  hand and was disappointed, because the Steve Vai duel wasn't included on it after Ry Cooder was adamantly against it. What a dick!

But, let's get back to the Warriors. Cool movie and listening to the soundtrack, partly thanks to the music. I liked the Instrumentals. More than the vocal tracks, which were only OK, but they wont make me go hunting the CD.

You can get the duel on Vai's "The Elusive Light and Sound Vol.1", but it was a bummer it wasn't on the original soundtrack.

I can post various artists if I want. Nobody else can without my written approval. It's just the way of the world.  

I got that Steve Vai CD and the duel track(s) now, but it sure was a bummer (for me probably a double bummer) they didn't include it on the soundtrack. 

Where I lived the soundtrack wasn't available. I had to go through lots of trouble to get the cassette and it cost me a small fortune back then just to find out, the song wasn't included. Information was scarce those times. It makes me appreciate the internet more.

Let's see, I have never heard of this movie.

The soundtrack is pretty cool.  It was easy to listen to all the way through.  I really couldn't find a single thing here that made me want to change the channel.  There was a couple of real standouts as well.

Echoes In My Mind was really nice.  I love the funkiness of the track.  Same goes for Love Is A Fire.  Although it got just a bit repetitive at the end, it was still a dang good song.  You're Movin' Too Slow ended a bit to soon.  I would have enjoyed a bit more of that guitar work.

Do you have any back story on In The City? I mean, as far as why it's a different version than what's on the Eagles album? It sounds way too good to just be a demo.  Nevermind, I just saw that it was first recorded for this soundtrack, and The Eagles liked it enough to re-record it for The Long Run.  Cool, I had never heard this version.

I gotta say, that's a pretty good closer too.

I wanna see the movie now.  It's on Amazon Prime Video, so I really have no excuse not to watch it.

You've never seen The Warriors?????????

Nope. Did you know it was on Amazon Prime Video?

No, but I have it on Blu ray. Probably have the DVD as well.


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