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A paltry 15 releases from calendar year 2010 were purchased by me. From that list I culled a ten best.

Beyond simple love of a particular album, I factored in the likelihood of repeated playing of the album.

So without further ado, TageRyche's Top 10 of 2010.


#10 - Ryan Bingham & The Dead Horses - Junky Star

I love the guy's voice, definitely one of my better discoveries from when I was writing for Rock Is


#9 - Robert Plant - Band of Joy

I'm a big fan of Robert Plant and while I wish he would do more ORIGINAL material, I will buy just about anything he is singing on.


#8 - Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier

If it wasn't for the fact that four of the songs were just so damn bloody awful, I'd hang my head in embarrassment that as a metal fan I ranked it so low.


#7 - Disturbed - Asylum

I liked most of the disc, but wasn't completely sold on it. But I've been playing it a bit recently and it has grown on me a bit.


#6 - The Scorpions - Sting In The Tail

Calling it quits, the Scorpions go out on a high note.


#5 - Heaven & Hell - Neon Nights: 30 Years of Heaven & Hell - Live In Europe

Capturing the band in one of Dio's final performances. His passing is my top music story of the year.


#4 - Dio - At Donington UK: Live 1983 & 1987

Classic early Dio concerts...the man the legend...RONNIE JAMES DIO!


#3 - Brian Howe - Circus Bar

A wonderful return to the new music release world. Just pure rock and roll.


#2 - Black Country Communion - S/T

Read my review, I can't say it better than I said it there.


#1 - Accept - Blood of the Nations


I'm sure no one is suprised at this choice. But this is one magnificent album. It is made even more special because no one was expecting ANYTHING when the news came of a new singer and album. Even me. Mark Tornillo sang his butt off and if you will indulge me a bit of acknowledged overstatement, had people saying Udo who?

Accept "Beat The Bastards" down in 2010, no doubt about it.


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Nice list...I have 5 of these, the only one I don't like is Scorpions...I mean I really don't like it.
Yes, very nice list. And I'm with Rjhog (finally!) on Scorpions, but that's what makes these list so cool. Different tastes for everyone.  

That is very hard to believe...

I know! And I haven't been drinking!
Maybe you have a fever...
Yes,  I am feeling a bit peaked.
What don't you like about the Scorpions album? Do you like any of their albums?
I like Humanity Hour 1.  A lot.  But I just can't get into Sting.
I only heard a couple tracks from HH1 but what I heard I didn't like.
For a final album it was just way too weak for me. All the songs sounded cliched and it didn't seem a whole lot of effort went into it. If they ended with "Humanity..." I would have been satisfied. I really like "Lovedrive", "Animal Magnetism", "Virgin Killer" and most of "Blackout". After that I kind of lost interest (though do like "Savage Amusement" for some sick reason) but was really impressed with HH1.


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