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Ok, I'm 53, almost 54, been a classic rock fan since I was a pre-teen....long time.  But...I never got into the Floyd thing.  I liked the song "Money", but didn't like the album it came fast forward to now, my tastes have changed, still like to rock it, but have gravitated towards the blues these days, and have been giving bands I wrote off long ago another look...and so here I am now, a fan of Pink Floyd.

I only have four albums right now...Dark Side / Wish You Were Here / Animals & The Wall.  Wondering if any of the earlier albums are good...and interested in finding out your reviews on them.  Also, what is a good dvd of Floyd in concert?  And is the "Waters" less Floyd any good?

Educate me my brothers and sisters of rock to all things Floyd.  I have some catching up to do.

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Can't really help you on this one. Pink Floyd has always been a radio band to me.

I like the stuff I hear on the radio but I have never been moved to want to buy anything from them.

Try "Meddle" (the album before "Dark..") and "The Final Cut" (the last Waters' PF album). The pre-"Meddle" stuff I never really got into even though I do have their first album. Also check out David Gilmour's first two solo albums (self-titled and "About Face") and I've always like Rogers Waters' "The Pro's And Cons Of Hitchiking", probably because of the album cover. 

As for the Waters-less Floyd...could take it or leave it. I love David Gilmour but both the albums seem a bit stale to me. Doesn't seem like there's any chances being taken. 


As for a live DVD, you got me. I actually have "Live At Pompeii" (I think) but it's still in the wrapper. 


There is the live version of "The Wall" filmes at the Berlin Wall which is kind of cool, but it's not Pink Floyd, it's Roger Waters with a bunch of guest stars.


I do HIGHLY recommend everyone grab something (and you know what I mean?), get the movie "The Wall", plop it in your DVD player, crank up the sound, turn of the lights and watch. A wild, wild movie.



And that's all I got!

Meddle was my recommendation as well.  The Final Cut is an acquired taste, I wouldnt go for that one right away.

To me "The Final Cut" is a continuation of "The Wall". What's cool is that they added "When The Tigers Broke Free" to TFC and it fits in perfectly. First time I heard TFC I was a bit letdown because I wanted more of the hard rock from "The Wall" and it's mostly a mellow album (except for the song named and dedicated to me, shame that they mispelled my name though). It does take a couple listens, but I really, really like it now, probably my 3rd favorite PF album, after "The Wall" and "Wish You Were Here".


I could post either "Meddle" or "The Final Cut" if anyone is interested.....

you pick, either woud be cool

Hey, I was at that concert at the Berlin Wall in 1990.

I'm not a fan myself, but I do think that Dark side.. and Wish you...are 2 very good albums, but I'll get bored, listening to The Wall. There are a few good tracks on "Relics", a sort of compilation-album from 1971, "Arnold Layne" and "See Emily play" fx. 

The "Pulse"-DVD from the 90's is a very good concert-DVD, but there's of course no sign of Roger Waters on that one.

I'm kinda with TageRyche.  I do actually own Dark Side Of The Moon, The Wall and Wish You Were Here, but I couldn't tell you what Waters is on or not.  I do think the song Have A Cigar is totally cool.

Here we go:




"The Final Cut" will be up in a couple hours..gotta life you know (ok, going to Best Buy, but still...)

And the other:





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