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You can check out my new Cassette Chronicles article, looking at the 1987 self-titled Keel album, via this Limelight link.

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Interestingly, I also had the cassette version of this album. (Different cover, the background was solid black). Quick search and I can't find it. I know I liked it, so I'm sure I haven't sold/traded it. I either lost it or it got damaged and I throw it out. One problem with tapes was, I would take them to the car and in the summer heat, they will melt, and that's besides getting mangled. I lost a few good ones to these happenstances.

I also had "Lay Down The Law" and " The Right To Rock" on cassette, that are MIA, as well. I still got one Keel CD + a  Ferrari CD and the Steeler CD with... YNGWIE. So I think I'm set on Keel.

Thanks for checking out the piece.

As for cassettes in the car when it is hot. I don't do that at all. I keep them at home and listen to them there or bring them to work and keep them inside the building. I know if I didn't, they'd definitely never survive in the car.

It's been a while since I hade a cassette player in my deck, but now that I think of it, I always made my own mix-tapes for the car. Never listened to the originals. Which would mean that these Keel tapes got damaged the other way. I still remember a few songs from it, but not the whole album.

I am much more familiar with Keel.  And while I like this album, my favorite is The Final Frontier.  It is a little less polished than the album that is the subject of this article.

I actually like the song Somebody’s Waiting.  Either way, this is a fine album.

I hope that I can find my way into checking out some of their other albums sooner rather than later.

Actually, I looked in my Big Box of Cassettes and I have The Final Frontier album. I may just write about it for next week.

Cool!  I was thinking I might see if I could find my cassette and send it to you.

Thanks for the thought but I'm all set and hope to listen to it this weekend so I can write it up.


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