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Man, can somebody tell me what in the world is wrong with the Top 40 or pop music today?  I noticed in the August 5, 2010 issue of Rolling Stone Magazine that Billboard's Top 40 albums include Bret Michaels' "Custom Built" (#14), Ozzy Osbourne's "Scream" (#18) and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' "Mojo" (#20).  These are the only actual rock bands on the Top 40 album chart.  That's it.  Nobody else.  Not even current rock bands. I'm sorry, I take that back.  The Black Keys' "Brothers" (#29) and Brandon Boyd's "The Wild Trapeze" (#33) are on the chart.  Has anyone even ever heard of Brandon Boyd?  I'm familiar with his band Incubus, but I didn't know his name before I saw this chart.  The same chart features no less than 6 Country Music artists. 

By way of comparison, I looked up the August 25, 1980 chart on and found 5 rock bands or artists in the Top 10, not Top 40.  Four of the top five albums were as follows:

The Rolling Stones - Emotional Rescue (#1)
Jackson Browne - Hold Out (#2)
Billy Joel - Glass Houses (#3)
Queen - The Game (#5)

The 5th album from the Top 10 was Bob Seger's "Against The Wind".  And that's just the Top 10.  The chart will not allow me to go past the Top 10 for some reason. 

And people wanna know why we still listen to old music.  I think this says it all!  I'm not trying to put down what other people listen to, but it really blows!

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Check out top 40 or so albums overseas, now and 30 years ago. A marked difference in musical taste. Hard rock/heavy metal sells better overseas cause they're not spoon fed on what to like or not like. One example is Iron Maiden (who I just heard of), their albums were charting in the top 10 overseas, in the US maybe top 40 and then disappear.
Japan has a real thirst for rock music now days. They get it! Were stuck with mindless drivel from the Mtv Corporation bent on controlling the america airwaves.
Absolutely. It's astounding the albums they have available there, (remastered, extra tracks, etc., etc) that we can't get here unless you want to shell out 60+ bucks for a CD. We need to get a contact in Japan to send us stuff. For free, of course.
Thats right.... If I were president Japan would have favored nation status so we could music easier.. hahaha


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