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An Outstanding class of inductees!

Is CBR an acronym for AMERICAN?

If it is, then I suppose this years inductees to Hall Of Fame are an accurate reflection. I honestly wouldn't know.

However, let me weigh in on a list as someone who is not American, with roots from beyond the pond. And I'll do that from the perspective of an average music listener. I fancy myself a bit more knowledgeable than the common European music fan, but any list that caters to FAME should be examined by the masses and not by the individuals.

TOP PETTY, Most of the people heard about Travelling Wilburys, but as far as the members of this super group go, the ranking would be something like this: Harrison, Dylan and Orbison. The casual listener "over there" would not know who Petty or Lynne are, although they will be familiar with ELO.

CCR, Who?

Out of 3 bands using the name of (an American) city, the one that is the most recognizable in the world, thanks to their repertoire such as " Carry On My Wayward Son" and "Dust In The Wind" is not an inductee. Even I didn't heard of Chicago, until I moved here and Boston sounds more like a one album wonder than Fame to most of the world.

Although, Police is my least favorite artist on this list, it is the only one that deserves to be here if we go by what this list aims to achieve. To celebrate, Fame. Unless that Fame is geographically restricted.

As someone from outside, this is a troubling view for me. Last time I saw something so much centered around one nation is when the Serbs claimed to be better than rest of the world, and we all know how that ended. It all went to crap when in the name of entertainment, the Oi! bands ruled the scene, and I'm not talking about the Working Class Culture, but the far-right racists. To all fairness, this list ain't "that bad", but I'm hoping next year it is going to be a bit more "diverse".


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