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It's time to begin revealing this year's Top 10 Albums.  In a twist, this year the Top 10 will be revealed daily, starting with number 10 and moving all the way up to number one.  So this thread will have one album added each day for the next ten days.  Cool, huh?

1. Big Wreck - Ghosts

2. Uriah Heep - Outsider

3. Billy Idol - Kings & Queens Of The Underground

4. Space Elevator - Space Elevator

5. Opeth - Pale Communion

6. Wishbone Ash - Blue Horizon

7. Judas Priest - Redeemer Of Souls

8. AC/DC - Rock Or Bust

9. Accept - Blind Rage

10. Cage The Gods - Badlands


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Never heard of this album, but will check it out now. The album-cover says "Southern Heavy (maybe a bit Country) Rock alá Black Stone Cherry (meaning probably not for my ears)??

I had never listened to Black Stone Cherry before, but I got a free CD from Classic Rock magazine that was studio, rarities and live cuts from the band. I listened to it for the first time this week and while I didn't like all of it, there were some decent cuts.

They were quite good, then it's like a switch flipped and they wanted to have a hit in this day and age, almost the rock version of bro country.

The Top 10 is now complete.  Thanks to everyone who helped determine the list: Jay Roberts, Niels Flintrup, Scott Gabbert, Mike Mills and Jon Stephenson.  I couldn't do it without you guys (well, I could, but then it would just be my list).  

I'm very pleased overall, and I enjoyed revealing the Top 10 countdown style.  On to another year full of rock music.  Let's hope 2014 doesn't disappoint in that area.

You're welcome.

3 albums I own on the list. 1 more I might buy and 1 I have to check out the NMC to sample.

Don't forget to update the Classic Rock Bottom Awards thread too.

Thanks for the reminder. I will update it later today.


So a handful of people (only 5) vote in the top ten albums of the year? This is in NO WAY a real top 10 list. It's a "my favorites" list from a handful of people filled with self importance. Except your not. None of you have opinions that are more valid than anyone else. NONE OF YOU.

If this was a REAL top ten, every single member would have been invited to participate. And been given a decent period of time to make their lists. But you guys arrogance and exclusive voting means this is a sham. You can all kiss my ass, and keep playing your "oh my opinion is the only one that counts, and what I think is always right" type of bullshit games. Go on posting your opinions filled with self indulgence, and self righteousness. Your shitty attitude towards everyone else is why only a handful of people even visit this site.

Good thing you don't want it getting too big, RJHog, because with your arrogance and exclusiveness, who wants to keep reading the same shit from people who wouldn't know an A minor chord from a F sharp. Go ahead and delete my post, so you can protect your out of control egos. This site used to be about the it's about the egos of people who apparently have nothing better to do.

Are you serious?

My thoughts exactly.


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