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Chuck Berry (Legend Award)

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Yes - 128 pts

Allmans - 126 pts

ELO - 126 pts

Bob Seger - 122 pts

Pat Benatar - 116 pts

Scorpions - 112 pts

Metallica - 103 pts

Jethro Tull - 74 pts

Ted Nugent - 74 pts

Motorhead - 61 pts

Very good group of inductees. I was hoping Nugent would get in. I can't stand some of his political rantings and hate the fact he has let that overtake his music. The guy is still a great guitar player and those first three or four Nugent albums were amazing.

Personally I think Scorpions and Jethro Tull contributed more to the music in general than Allman BB and Bob Seger, but there wasn't a bad choice among the finalists, so I'm happy.

Chuck was the only one who made it through from my initial nominees and I'm glad he got the honor. Very cool image.

Nice to see another female make it in, and definitely worthy of induction!! Love Pat's music!!

Nice job boss...  looks right, but I really thought Allman would squeak out a legend award this year.

He was well in the lead for a while, but both Berry and Prince as well made quite a comeback.


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