Classic Rock Bottom

Best Original Rock Album

Black Country Communion - 2

Best Original Rock Album (Classic Artist - At least 25 years since debut album)

Anthrax - Worship Music

Best Comeback Album (At least 10 years since last studio album)

The Cars - Move Like This

Best Metal Album

Anthrax - Worship Music

Best Debut Album

Hurtsmile - Hurtsmile

Most Underrated/Hidden Album

Neal Morse - Testimony 2

Best Video

Opeth - The Devil's Orchard

Best Album Cover

Worst Album Cover

Metallica/Lou Reed - Lulu

Worst Album

Metallica/Lou Reed - Lulu

Best Vocalist

Glenn Hughes (Black Country Communion)

Best Guitarist

Mikael Akerfeldt (Opeth)

Best Song (Tie)

Fare The Well - Whitesnake

These Days - Foo Fighters

Best Songwriter

Glenn Hughes/Joe Bonamassa (Black Country Communion)

Best Album Production

Butch Vig (Foo Fighters - Wasting Light)

Band Of The Year

Black Country Communion

Biggest Disappointment

Metallica/Lou Reed - Lulu

CRB Lifetime Achievement Award

Deep Purple

Best Classic Rock Event

The Comedy That Is Van Halen

Best TV Show (Drama)

The Walking Dead

Best TV Show (Comedy)

2 Broke Girls

Best Movie

Sucker Punch

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Love Love Love the Deep Purplae seleciton!  Have no argumanets with anything this year.  Turned out to be a pretty good year for Classic Rock!

Happy New Year!

Can't argue with the important categories.

I think this might be the only site that has "Sucker Punch" as the best movie of the year. All other sites and critics can kiss my bum!  

The only issue I have is with underrated/hidden album (maybe this should be separate catagories next year), since Queensryche's newest is HIGHLY underrated.  

And Foo Fighter's for album production? Really? Over Opeth, Dream Theater, Yes? Do we want to maybe redo this?

Queensryche's album might be underrated if it was by a different band. Though I liked the album, it isn't a "QUEENSRYCHE" album. It is a "The Artists formerly known as Queensryche".

And anyone who thinks Sucker Punch is a good movie much less movie of the year makes me weep for the future.

Weep for me, for I am the future.

Commencing weeping.

I can't hear half of the Opeth cd in my vehicle.  It's too loud/quiet.  Must listen with ear phones. 

I'm fine with splitting underrated/hidden album up.

The biggest disappointment turned out crappy for me, 'cause I never expected Metallica/Reed to be good, so I wasn't disappointed.  Queensryche, on the other hand, totally disappointed me.

Definitely listen to Opeth with ear phones, but I had no issues in the car. 

My issues only arise when my 17month old son is with me.  Otherwise, I can turn it up.

I have never heard of a movie called "Sucker Punch"?

I'm okay with this list. It doesn't really look like my own list, but it's okay.

Happy New Year.

I listened to that Anthrax on MOG and thought it was OK, but not worth buying. I really like Derek Sherinian and all of his solo instrumental releases. I like the music video with the cool Ford Thunderbird (if I recall) and I am going to add this to my list of releases to investigate. I can't say I checked out that Metallica release. I'm not really interested in it!


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