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One outlet of Classic Rock that I tend to fall back on more often than not is classic hard rock; the following discussion is one in which you can rank your favorite classic hard rock artists, albums, songs, etc.


My Top 5 Favorite Hard Rock Artists:

1. Van Halen- they epitomize hard rock, especially American hard rock! What's not to love about David Lee Roth/Sammy Hagar's menacing vocals, Eddie's mind-boggling guitar riffs/solos, Alex's thundering drums, and Michael's commanding bass?

2. Aerosmith- despite going for a more commercial, "pop"-esque sound with their '87 comeback, their early catalogue is some of the best hard rock has to offer; their first four albums alone will prove that! And still, some of their '80s/'90s stuff wasn't too bad either ("Love in an Elevator, "Dude Looks Like a Lady", "The Other Side", "Permanent Vacation", etc.) One of the best aspects about Aerosmith, in my opinion, is the duel guitar action of Joe Perry and Brad Whitford; the latter plays his rhthym parts as effortlessly and with as much authority as does the former, and it shows greatly on their early stuff.

3. Deep Purple- prior to hearing their live album, Made in Japan, I was a casual Deep Purple fan, knowing only the hits on Machine Head, but following  my listening to Made in Japan, I realized that they are one of the best hard rock bands around, especially in regards to live performance! I mean wow, listening to them play live is a whole different experience than the studio work- so much more power! My favorite by them is, without a doubt, the live performance of "Strange Kind of Woman". That's hard rock!

4. Led Zeppelin- many might find it criminal of me to place three other bands above Led Zeppelin in the category they play so well, but truthfully, I just believe the above three are better- still though, make no mistake, I am definitely a fan of Led Zeppelin! I just picked up their live album The Song Remains the Same the other day, and man, I realized that they rivaled Deep Purple in live performance! When you have such talent like Robert Plant's soaring vocals, Jimmy Page's powerful guitar riffs, John Paul Jones' booming bass, and John Bonham's magnified drumming all rolled into one powerhouse, it's bound to be successful!

5. KISS- I am by no means an avid KISS fan, nor any kind of KISS expert, but I do know quality hard rock sound when I hear it, and KISS brings it! Whether it's "Deuce", or "Shout it Out Loud", or "Calling Dr. Love", they'll bring the thunder each and every time. Like I mentioned earlier in regard to the duo guitar attacks of Joe Perry and Brad Whitford in Aerosmith, I hear the same kind of talent going on between Ace Frehley and Paul Stanley in KISS, and it's quite epic.


My 10 Favorite Hard Rock Songs

-"Nobody's Fault" by Aerosmith (1976)

-"Deuce" by KISS (1974)

-"Romeo Delight" by Van Halen (1980)

-"Heartbreaker" by Led Zeppelin (1969)

-"Strange Kind of Woman" (live) by Deep Purple (1972)

-"Adam's Apple" by Aerosmith (1975)

-"Shout it Out Loud" by KISS (1976)

-"You're No Good" by Van Halen (1979)

-"Black Dog" by Led Zeppelin (1971)

-"Space Truckin'" by Deep Purple (1972)


My Top 5 Favorite Hard Rock Albums

1. Van Halen (1978)

2. Rocks (1976)

3. Machine Head (1972)

4. Led Zeppelin IV (1971)

5. KISS (1974)


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The top 5 I immediately think of are:

5. Winger - This band is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay underrated.

4. Night Ranger - Talkin' 'bout a dual guitar attack...

3. Tesla - Three brilliant albums

2. Van Halen - Need I say more?

1. Kiss - Need I say more?

I'll have to think about songs and albums and get back to this thread.

wow...  hard lists...

Top 5 bands

1 - Rush

2 - The Who

3 - Journey (Steve Perry edition)

4 - Kansas (Been on a reall kick since the latest Seventh Key and Elefante releases)

5 - Earth Wind and Fire

Not trying to argue, but E,W & F probably aren't considered Hard Rock.  I like the other four.  

P.S.  Scott, I know E,W & F are one of your faves, just not hard rock is all I'm saying.  That's why I left off Cheap Trick.

Technically your right, I posted an overall favorites listing...

Top 10 songs - once we get past #3, it gets fluid so we will leave out the numbers...

1 - Baba O'Riley - The Who

2 - It's a Long Way There - Little River Band

3 - Into The Night - Benny Mardones

...and in no particular order...

- Unchained - Van Halen

- Back on my Feet Again - The Babys

- Monday Morning - Fleetwood Mac

- Over The Hills and Far Away - Led Zeppelin

- A Place In The Sun - Pablo Cruise

- Heart of the Night - Poco

- After The Fire - Roger Daltrey

I see more Classic Rock here that I wouldn't consider Hard Rock.  However, I love your last listing there.

yup...  Im gonna stick to it though, it was hard to get to these 10 so to redo will take some time.

No need to redo.  But I knew the "favorite songs and bands" angle was the one you were taking.  After 4 years of this, I'm starting to get real familiar with the tendencies of yourself, Jon, Niels and TR, to name a few.

Hard Rock Songs

Such a difficult job to select just 5, so I'll pick one from each band that I listed...

5. Junkyard Dog (Tears On Stone) - Winger - This song is from, in my opinion, the most underrated album of the '90's, Pull.

4. Don't Tell Me You Love Me - Night Ranger - Simply their best song from an overflowing catalog.

3. Paradise - Tesla - Probably my favorite Tesla song.  And I like the live, unplugged version as well as the studio version.

2. Light Up The Sky - Van Halen - OMG, I just realized that I left this song off of my Top 5 Songs That Begin With The Letter "L" list.  Damn it.  I need to revise that.

1. A Million To One - Kiss - So many songs for me to choose from.  But I thought I'd go against the '70's grain and pick one of my favorite '80's Kiss tunes by Paul.  


5. Winger - Pull

4. Night Ranger - Midnight Madness

3. Tesla - Mechanical Resonance

2. Van Halen - Fair Warning

1. Kiss - Hotter Than Hell

1. Queen

2. King's X

3. UFO

4. Thin Lizzy

5. Blue Oyster Cult


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